Autistic teen leaves kind note for neighbour after spotting problem with car

A teenage boy has been praised online for his kind gesture towards a neighbour after replacing a missing car part.

Matthew Checksfield popped a note, new hubcap and installation instructions into bag and dropped it off at the car owner’s house.

And, the recipient posted a snap of the good deed on Reddit, where more than 5,500 people liked the post.

He captioned the snap: “So this got left for my mother. A HUGE thank you to Matthew, keep doing what you're doing!”

In the note, the 14-year-old explained why he was delivering the hubcap.

It read: “Hello there! My name is Matthew, I’m 14 and I love all things about cars – especially wheels and hubcaps!"

He continued: “I also have autism, which, in my case enables me to notice and remember a lot of details and easily tell the difference between various types of hubcaps and which car make and model they fit on.

“I have a collection of them that I find in places like hedgerows, car parks etc.

“I wash the and make sure they are still complete, then add them to my collection.

“My favourite thing to do, though, is to give them to people that have a hubcap missing.”

Matthew added that he has noticed a vehicle next to the person’s guys with a missing hubcap.

The teen added: “Luckily, I have the exact one you need!

“My parents have helped me leave it here for you, along with some cable ties, in case you’d like to put it on your car!

“I hope you like it.”

Matthew’s parents added a note to the letter telling the recipient not to worry and that it was not a scam and that the items were packed while wearing a mask and gloves due to coronavirus.

Commenters were blown away by the gesture.

One person said: “This is the sweetest thing. What a gem.

“I can see Matthew running an online hubcap supplier business.”

“Using autism as a superpower! inspirational,” added another.

While a fellow Bristolian noted: “Absolute legend. Doing our entire city proud.”

Matthew has since been tracked down and praised for his act of kindness.

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His mum, Rachel Checksfield said 150 spare hubcaps were in their garden waiting to be given to people who need them.

She told the BBC: "All Matthew wants to do in life is to help people, he just loves people,

"He's always had an interest in vehicles, and wanted to touch cars all the time even when they were moving so we've had to teach him to be careful around them.

"It is hard with autistic children sometimes because so much of their interests are in their head and you can't always participate with them, whereas this – because he needs my help – he does verbalise it more.”

Way to go, Matthew!

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