Baby Donkey Rescued After Losing Its Mom and Having a Painful Run-In with Barbed Wire

After being separated from her mom and suffering a cut on her hindquarters, this infant burro is proving to be quite the trooper.

The 3-day-old donkey was found right in the middle of the road in Southern California on Wednesday, according to Riverside County Animal Services’ Facebook page.

Thankfully for the baby burro, a resident of the area found the creature and managed to coax her out of the way of traffic.

Eventually, Riverside County Animal Services came to the creature’s rescue and their veterinary team was able to treat the newborn animal’s wound which was likely caused by barbed wire, which doesn’t appear to be life-threatening.

And in terms of what lies in store for this baby donkey, after Animal Services treated the animal’s wounds and fed it milk from a bottle, she’s already been fostered by veterinarian Sharon Gonzales, who already fosters two other donkeys.

“She is not currently available for adoption,” Riverside County Animal Services wrote on Facebook. “When she is healthy and old enough, she may be put up for adoption or she could be transferred to one of Animal Services’ rescue-partner organizations, such as the nonprofit organization DonkeyLand.”

Maybe if she is lucky she will end up with Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who recently gave a forever home to a donkey and an emu — sweetly named Jack and Diane, respectively — who were seemingly abandoned by their owner, on a North Carolina farm.

“They have a very nice paddock with lots of green grass,” Jennifer Gordon, executive director of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, told PEOPLE of Morgan’s farm the animals have been relocated to. “Jeffrey is building them a new heated enclosure, even though the one they have now is very nice. They will be spoiled.”

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