'Big Brother 23' Week 11 Spoiler: Who Is the New HOH Following Second Double Eviction?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 23 Double Eviction results and Week 11 Head of Household winner.]

Following the final Double Eviction of the season, the remaining four houseguests competed for the power of Head of Household. Who won?

Tiffany Mitchell went out during the second double eviction

Shortly after Alyssa Lopez’s eviction, the Cookout members faced off for power in the Head of Household competition. Kyland Young won, although he claims unintentionally, becoming the first to take a shot at one of his season-long allies.

Despite making a final two with Tiffany Mitchell, and another pact involving them and Hannah Chaddha, he nominated the ladies with the former as his target.

According to Kyland, he wanted to sit next to the best competitor in the end, who he deemed as Xavier Prather. Therefore, he chose to remain loyal to Xavier and go after Tiffany.

He then won the Power of Veto, which sealed her fate as Derek “Big D” Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier eagerly sent her packing.

Hannah Chaddha joined the jury right behind her

Immediately following Tiffany’s eviction, the remaining five houseguests immediately battled for power in another week of Big Brother as the second Double Eviction unfolded.

Azah and Xavier made it past the first part of the HOH competition, and she took home the second, giving her the ability to nominate two people for eviction. She settled on Xavier and Hannah, promising the latter she planned on backdooring Kyland and would break the tie in her favor.

Kyland walked away as the winner of the POV and made a possible game-ending decision to remain loyal to Xavier by saving him from elimination. As no other players remained, Azah had to fill the empty seat with her best friend in the house, Big D. However, the others unanimously sent Hannah to join the jury next.

While she considered herself “collateral damage” because Kyland won the Veto, Azah voiced her preference in evicting Hannah over Tiffany previously, deeming the youngest houseguest their biggest threat.

Xavier Prather is the new Head of Household for ‘Big Brother 23’ Week 11

After the Double Eviction episode aired, the feeds returned showing Xavier in the HOH bed, listening to music. Azah then joined him, and they cuddled while discussing the Double Eviction and their plans moving forward.

At one point, he claimed he thought Kyland wanted to be the “mastermind” of the season but makes moves he feels are too “obvious.”

Additionally, Xavier noted that he didn’t think Kyland could have navigated throughout the game without the Cookout because he disapproved of his social game. It’s unclear who the new HOH plans to go after as he has a final two deal with all the remaining houseguests, and they all seem loyal to him.

However, he might take his shot at Kyland as he presents a threat to win competitions later in the season. At final four, the POV winner holds the most power as they cast the sole vote to evict. The next episode of Big Brother 23 will air on Fri., Sept. 17, at 8/7 Central on CBS.

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