Body modification fan with split tongue can taste two things at the same time

A body modification obsessive left viewers mind-blown when she revealed she can taste different drinks at the same time.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh, a dreadlock artist from southern California, often shows off her stunt on TikTok after having her tongue surgically split.

In a video she posted online, she fills a glass with soda and another with bottled water for a bizarre taste test.

Dipping her split tongue into both glasses, Brianna looks confused as she tries to figure out the flavours.

As one drink is carbonated and sugary while the other is just water, she raises her eyebrows and looks up and says: "This makes my brain feel weird."

The influencer also had another go with cans of Pepsi and Coca Cola – to see if she could "taste the difference".

"I can’t taste the difference," she admitted to her 1.7 million fans.

Fans were fascinated by her tongue's unique skill, with one person commenting: “I never even thought of that use! You’re awesome. I can't look away.”

Another said: “This is the content I need. So many questions in this world and nobody is asking the right ones, until now.”

Some even had their own taste requests saying: "Please for the love of everything holy do mouthwash and orange juice."

Another was also transfixed by the procedure, saying: "Lol the little tongue flicking to really get the flavour!"

And another commented: "I could watch this for hours lmao it's so satisfying."

Brianna, who also goes by the moniker Flower to her followers, has a number of face and body tattoos as well as piercings and completes her own colourful dreadlock work.

She currently crowd-funding for an art community in Nevada that features hippie and conscious art.

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