Brits find Snoop Dogg’s Oz version of Just Eat rap and tell it ‘get in the bin’

Brits have been left reeling after discovering that there is an Australian version of the Just Eat advert where Snoop Dogg raps about takeaway food.

The music video-style ad features Snoop Dogg in luxurious settings getting burgers, tacos, and sushi delivered straight into his hands.

He raps: "Oodles of noodles, thank you, my man,

"Tacos to the chateau, please,

"Did somebody say Just Eat?"

The Australian version is pretty much identical but instead of "Just Eat", the lyric is the much less snappy "Menulog" – which is what the Oz Just Eat is called.

Many Brits pointed out that three-syllable "Menulog" just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same way.

The advert was uploaded on Reddit with the caption: "In Australia, Just Eat is called Menulog.

"They have their own version of the Snoop Dogg advert and it just doesn’t sound right!"

Brits were quick to agree, and many were pretty apt with their insults.

One said: "Nope. Get it in the bin."

Another person said: "'Menulog' just sounds like someone took a big fat steaming dump on a menu…"

Pointing out another flaw, a third user said: "At no point did they try and rhyme Snoop Dogg and Menulog.

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"Feels like a lost opportunity."

Someone else quipped: "No. Nobody said Menulog. You misheard."

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