Brits savage review of US drink Kool Aid labels it Barney the Dinosaur poo

If you’ve watched plenty of American TV shows then you’ll have heard of Kool Aid – the dilutable drink is a big part of US pop culture, but it’s uncommon in the UK.

You can purchase Kool Aid in Britain from specialty shops and Amazon, but it’s pretty expensive.

Luckily, a Brit recently posted his review of the drink online – and people were cracking up at the scathing comments.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about how it tastes then you need look no further…

A snap of the review was posted on Reddit and 600 people liked the jokey statement.

It read: “Liquid a**. This stuff is hot a**.

“When you mix this with water you get what looks like Barney the dinosaur has had a thicc vindaloo and decided to drop his kids off in your glass."

He continued: "The taste could be similar. While there is a hint of grape it is completely overwhelmed by the taste of chemicals and the Kool Aid mans deodorant.

“Great value on the tub huge amount in there because that tub could last you a lifetime with the little amount you will end up drinking. Garbo.”

According to Amazon, a 538g tub of Grape Kool Aid costing £6.29 contains: “Sugar, Fructose, Citric Acid, less than 2% of Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, Artificial Flavour, Calcium, Phosphate, RED, 40, Blue 1.”

So it is pretty unnatural which is to be expected of a powdered dilute drink.

You can make up a jug of Kool Aid by adding just water or water and sugar and each tub makes 30 servings.

In the reviews, another unhappy Brit said: “Don't know what our friends over the pond have for tastebuds but this is horrible, tastes like you're drinking kitchen cleaner.

“Don't buy unless you like that of course.”

And another noted: “Trust me when I say I love artificial grape flavour but this is so bad, it tastes like washing powder. Disgusting flavour.”

Over on Reddit, people in the comments chimed in.

One person said: “Kool Aid is the reason why cordial isn't really a thing in US. It's put them off the whole concept of adding water to something to make a drink.”

While another noted: “Worst part for me is not adding water. It’s adding a f*** ton of sugar.

“By the time I’m done making it I don’t wanna drink what is literal diabetes in my eyes.”

“Every 4/5 years I'll buy some off eBay, get all excited about it only to realise just how horrible it tastes, last time was last summer so I'll try again in 2025,” a third commented.

But one person had a scientific reason for why Brits found the drink so offensive.

They noted: “The ‘Chemical’ taste in American grape sweets and pop is mostly due to the fact American grape stuff uses a different grape to Europe.

“Conchord grapes which are used in the USA really do taste as bizarre as the candy.”

Meanwhile another Reddit user pointed out that the powder was great for dying yarn, so if you’re a knitter then at least the powder isn’t a total waste!

Have you tried Kool Aid? Tell us your thoughts in the comments…

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