Cardi B and Steve Carell Join Forces For Pepsi's Star-Studded Super Bowl Commercial

Cardi B and Steve Carell Join Forces For Pepsi’s Star-Studded Super Bowl Commercial

Before I discovered that soda is basically just delicious, fizzy poison, I considered myself a diehard Coca-Cola fan in the never-ending battle between Coke and Pepsi. But, while I still stand by the opinion that Pepsi is far too sweet, I now have at least a middling respect for the brand thanks to Cardi B.

And Steve Carell.

Oh, and Lil Jon!

That’s right — all three celebrities pop up in the first three previews for the soda company’s star-studded Super Bowl LIII commercial, which seems to take place in a diner. Lil Jon has a stare-down with the camera while pouring soda for 17 seconds straight into what must be a bottomless glass, before uttering his “OK!” catchphrase. Then we see The Office alum, who recently announced he’s returning to TV, reading a seemingly hilarious script for the full Super Bowl spot with a frosty cup full of Pepsi beside him. And last, but certainly not least, is the “Money” rapper, who only has to tap her long nails against a diamond-encrusted Pepsi can to make me consider leaving my soda-less existence in the rearview.

Until we get the full commercial, feel free to watch each Pepsi teaser ahead.

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