Cardi B & Offset: Inside Their Failed Marriage & How She Tried To Change Him

With Cardi B’s marriage in shambles after Offset’s latest infidelity, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that they’ve been living apart for months while trying – and failing – to find a way to work things out.

Though Cardi B, 26, announced that she and Offset, 26, are “not together anymore” on Dec. 4, a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY tells that they have been living separately for months. “Cardi moved out over the summer and they have not been living together since. However, the pair continued to make it look like they were together as Cardi was hoping for some miracle that would solve the trust and other issues they were having as a couple.”

“She did not want to announce the split and was hanging onto hope that her small family would find a way to stay together. She still loves Offset and really wanted things to work out,” the source tells “However, when the latest round of text messages and receipts from other women came forward, Cardi felt completely disrespected for the last time. She felt like if she wanted to maintain any self-respect, integrity and wanted her fans to continue to support her, she had to take action.” Thus, she was forced to announce the split, according to the insider, as a way to preserve some of her dignity.

“Cardi now feels like a fool for thinking she could ever change Offset,” the source adds, “especially to think that having baby Kulture would be the key that might save their relationship. However, the couple continued to pretend they were still together. Cardi B even talked about having another baby and they even made public appearances together up until the bitter end.”

Offset responded to the split announcement with a snide comment – “Y’all won” – which caused many fans to clap back, saying that he was the one who caused the split, not them. Though, there’s a chance that Offset can turn this L around and pull off a win, as Cardi said it may “take time to get a divorce.” A heartbroken Offset “has major regrets” over how he’s acted with Cardi, a source EXCLUSIVELY told, and he’s going to do what he needs to in order to win her back. “He’s not going to just walk away from his marriage. …He’s very hopeful they can work this out.”

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