Cocktail swaps that will save you thousands of kilojoules this summer

The simple seasonal drink swaps that will save you thousands of unnecessary calories this Christmas

  • As the weather warms up, and parties abound, a blowout can be on the cards  
  • Drinking over the silly season could see you put on extra kilos without noticing
  • Choosing healthy swaps make it possible to have fun without putting on weight 

Party season is in full swing which means many will be making their way through a social calendar packed with long lunches or cocktail-fuelled Christmas functions.

And while it can be all too easy to throw caution to the wind and ditch a healthy resolve, one too many calorie-laden drinks could quickly result in unwanted weight.

In fact, according to statistics, most people put on at least three kilograms over the silly season due to a combination of diet and alcohol (most drinks have upwards of 200 calories per serve).

With a little pre-planning, thanks to health website Equalution, these smart swaps mean it’s possible to enjoy a festive bash without the calorie backlash.

Nothing says summer like a coconut infused Pina Colada (pictured), but at 564 calories the drink could see you blow your diet (stock image)

1. Swap a Pina Colada for a Mojito

A coconut cream-flavoured Pina Colada, one that comes served with lashings of rum and pineapple juice, is a drink that embodies summer like no other.

But at 546 calories, one cocktail is nearly a quarter of an average woman’s daily calorie intake.

For those looking to imbibe something similar, Equalution recommends a very refreshing Mojito.

The cocktail is made from a combination of rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint, and at 165 calories per serve, a great alternative.

A Mojito (pictured) is a healthy cocktail swap that’s as refreshing as a calorie-laden Pina Colada (stock image)

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An Aperol Spritz (pictured left) is very much the drink du jour, however at 220 calories you may wish to consider a lighter alternative

A vodka lime soda is a winning combination, at just 65 calories a serve, it’s the ideal beverage for those watching their weight

2. Aperol Spritz for Vodka lime soda

As far as refreshing drinks go, the very fashionable Aperol Spritz ticks all the boxes.

Created from a blend of Prosecco, Aperol and soda water, this creation isn’t overly heavy calorie-wise. In fact, at a mere 220 calories, it could be considered a light alternative.

However, if you’re wanting to enhance your health, a slimmer choice might see you ask the bartender for a vodka, lime and soda.

At just 65 calories per serve, you can have four of these to one Aperol Spritz.

A Long Island Iced Tea (pictured left) comes with 285 calories per serve while a rum and diet coke only contains 96 calories per serve (pictured right)

 3. Long Island Iced Tea for Rum Diet Coke

The Long Island Iced Tea is a classic cocktail, one likely to feature at many swish parties and functions.

It’s created from a blend of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec gin – a splash of cola gives the drink its amber hue.

Those keeping an eye on the scales may wish to switch out this cocktail, which comes with 285 calories per serve, for a rum with diet coke which only has 96 calories per serve.

The very fashionable espresso martini (pictured) boasts 285 calories per serve 

Other low calorie alcohol options: 

Vodka/Diet soda – 65 calories a glass

Standard Wine – 125 calories a glass

Jack and Diet Coke – 75 calories a glass

Pure blonde – 105 calories a bottle

Hahn super dry – 120 calories a bottle


4. Espresso Martini for Patron XO Cafe

When it comes to on-trend cocktails, the espresso martini always makes a stunning statement.

The drink is made with a combination of Kahlúa, vodka and espresso together shaken with plenty of ice.

At 285 calories, an espresso martini may not be ideal if a blowout in on the cards. Instead, switch this for a tasteful shot of Patron XO Cafe.

This coffee infused-tequila liqueur packs a fairly hefty punch (it’s 70 per cent proof) but at just 107 calories, it’s a winner for those watching their weight.   

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