Couple fall in love after seeing each other naked – now they’re earning fortune

Two models have revealed how they met each other for the first time during a naked photoshoot – and fell madly in love.

Claudia Fijal, 32, and 34-year-old Daniel Stevens are now happily married and even work on OnlyFans where they earn a fortune.

Their love story started in 2006, when Daniel, from US, made the first move after spotting a photo of his future wife at a car show.

He tried to find her at the event but failed so turned to MySpace to slide into her DMs.

Due to Claudia living in Los Angeles and Daniel back in Chicago, the couple kept their relationship platonic for several years.

And at the time, Claudia, who is originally from Poland, was in a relationship with someone else.

After nearly a decade, the pair finally met as Daniel invited Claudia, who was then-single, to model in a campaign for his gym.

He said: "I saw her on a poster and I thought 'wow, she is just smoking'.

"I tried to find her at the exhibition but didn't have any luck so approached her online instead.

"Claudia is a beautiful person inside and out, and our connection was instant. It was so easy to talk to her."

During the photoshoot, both Claudia and Daniel were completely naked – and it was love at first sight.

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Claudia said: "We'd stayed in contact for years, without ever meeting, so when he asked me to do the shoot I thought 'why not?'

"I was single, I knew he was a bodybuilder and I'd always had a thing for muscles so I thought I'd go and see what he looked like.

"I'd never understood when people said 'when you know, you know' but I felt like I'd known him my entire life.

"But I felt nervous during the shoot. You know, he had a Playboy model sitting butt-naked on him and he wasn't even fazed."

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After the photoshoot, Daniel invited Claudia to dinner to thank her – and that's when things started to take off.

Despite nothing happening during the meal, on the way back to the airport, Claudia texted Daniel and asked if he felt the same way.

She said: "Waiting for him to reply felt like the longest time. I kept looking at my phone every few seconds.

"Once our feelings were out in the open it was so easy, we just clicked into place. It was like finding my right arm or something."

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Just a few months after they met, the couple decided to move in together and it wasn't long until they got engaged.

In 2015, Daniel and Claudia tied the knot and now they're raking in a fortune on OnlyFans.

Daniel runs two accounts, a fitness page dedicated to workouts and meal plans, as well as a lifestyle page.

Meanwhile his wife Claudia also has two accounts, a fitness one and a page with saucier content.

Daniel said: "Claudia is the most chilled and supportive wife, she is so unbothered by what we both do.

"We both respect each other and she’s been doing nude modelling for years, so I'd never try to change that.

"I love that she's happy and successful."

Claudia added: "Every day is exciting and as long as we're together then every day is an adventure."

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