Curvy model sets up secret WhatsApp to catch two-timing men chatting up her pals

A curvaceous model has created a secret WhatsApp group with her mates to call out men who are two-timing them.

Anastasia Berthier, from Moscow, has a whopping 686,000 followers on Instagram, @artdikaya, thanks to her risqué body-confident snaps.

She also posts to naughty subscriber site OnlyFans, which is where she's often propositioned by fans.

Some even ask her to marry them!

However, the Russian bombshell said some admirers aren't as genuine as they seem.

She’s created a WhatsApp group with her model friends when she realised blokes were messaging multiple women at once.

Anastasia said: “I had one situation when one man wanted me to go for dinner with him, but I was busy and cancelled the date.

“Later I found out that he took one of the models I know to a hotel and even gave her the flowers which he had bought for me.

“Another guy was messaging me and my model bestie at the same time and was trying to invite to both of us on a romantic vacation on exactly the same dates.

“After a few situations like that, me and my friends created a group chat where we expose suspicious or dishonest men so others will be aware of these so-called Casanovas.”

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Anastasia shot to fame after showing off her 34KK bust.

She is currently single and loves travelling and wearing sexy outfits.

Anastasia added: “My breasts are 100% natural and I haven’t done anything to them."

She continued: “They were very big compared to the other teens when I was around the age of 13-14 but they reached their current size when I was around 25.

“I was embarrassed of getting extra attention of my body at school, but when I got older I learnt how to love myself and I even enjoy it sometimes.”

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Now, the model loves wearing dresses and getting attention for her large assets.

She said: “You always look feminine and sexy, even by wearing a simple T-shirt.”

However, her voluptuous figure does come with downsides.

She often has to custom-tailor clothes.

Anastasia added: “The worst thing is that a lot of nice brands just don’t have your size, and often you need to customise your clothes to make them fit right.

“Big breasts can be really heavy and you can face a backache.

“Also, you don’t want always want the attention.”

The young woman insists that she will not be getting a breast reduction anytime soon.

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