Dad stabbed ex in front of kids and wiped bloody hands on 3-year-old girl’s coat

A jilted husband who stabbed his ex-wife to death in front of her children has been jailed for life.

Hafiz Sharifi, 30, knifed Suvekshya Burathoki, 32 – known as Fatima – in her home before wiping off her blood on his three-year-old daughter's coat.

The mum-of-three, from Nepal, died from multiple stab wounds after the "brutal and violent" attack on October 8 last year.

Police dashed to her terraced property near Leicester city centre, at 8.30am but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

He ignored the cries of his two stepsons, aged eight and nine, who were screaming for him to stop, reports LeicestershireLive.

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The defendant and victim's three-year-old daughter also came downstairs and is believed to have witnessed the horrifying final moments.

Sharifi admitted to police that he had been drinking and also taken cocaine the night before he killed her.

The 30-year-old defendant pleaded guilty at an earlier Leicester Crown Court hearing to murder.

Mary Loram QC, prosecuting, said their relationship featured earlier domestic violence, sometimes in front of the children, involving the police on several occasions.

Fatima always withdrew her complaints against Sharifi.

The couple split up and went through an Islamic divorce some weeks or months before her death, the court was told.

She had formed a new relationship and was hoping to marry again, which Sharifi knew about.

He told her he would kill her if he saw her with another man and also threatened to murder her, along with the children.

Although fearful and distressed, she did not report the threats to the police.

While drinking beer, vodka and taking cocaine at his brother's nearby home on the night of Monday, October 7, Sharifi made repeated unanswered calls to Fatima, and sent her text messages.

Miss Loram said Sharifi left his brother's home in Lincoln Street at 6.44am on Tuesday.

The prosecutor said: "By whatever means he was in the Bartholomew Street house by 8.20am.

"What happened thereafter was witnessed by the two young brothers (Fatima's sons from an earlier relationship)."

The boys had already left for school but returned because one had forgotten his book bag.

The nine-year-old later described seeing his stepfather at the top of the stairs punching his mother repeatedly, pulling her hair and throwing her down the stairs.

When she screamed Sharifi told her to "shut up."

The defendant came downstairs and closed the front door.

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her into the kitchen.

Miss Loram said: "The boys saw him use a knife to stab their mother several times."

Fatima also suffered defence injuries when she curled into a ball to protect herself.

"The boys were begging the defendant to stop while this was happening," said the prosecutor.

The fatal injury with a bread knife was a stab to her heart.

Miss Loram said: "Neither boy saw where the knife came from, there's no evidence the defendant took it to the scene."

The nine-year-old went to calm his little sister, who came downstairs.

When the attack finished, Sharifi threw down the knife and wiped his bloodstained hands on his three-year-old daughter's coat before leaving.

Miss Loram said: "The boys quickly raised the alarm with neighbours, who called the emergency services."

Sharifi, of no fixed address, was arrested at an address in Coventry on the afternoon of Thursday, October 10.

In interview, he described drinking and taking drugs on the night of October 7 and claimed he had been planning to take his daughter to school that morning, but when he arrived his ex-wife saw he was drunk and pushed him.

He said he was not acting normally because of drink and drugs and was shocked when he saw the blood.

He claimed not to know Fatima was seeing another man.

Sharifi falsely denied throwing Fatima down the stairs or that the children witnessed the incident – claiming the boys had been told to lie about what happened.

Sharifi's barrister, Paul Bogan QC, said: "His guilty plea must have been an enormous relief to the boys, knowing they did not have to give evidence in court.

"The background to the relationship is that it was littered with domestic incidents, followed by separations and reconciliations."

He said the defendant, from Afghanistan, had encountered negative experiences in his homeland, earlier in his life.

The barrister added: "In his own words, he says 'I feel sorry for the children, they've lost their mum and dad and it will be hard for them.

"'I've destroyed everything for myself and the children.

"'I was angry and drunk and I couldn't help myself.

"'It's hard for the children and I remember them and think about them all the time.' "

Mr Bogan said although it was of little comfort to many in the public gallery, it was the defendant's expression of "genuine remorse" for his actions.

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