Daily horoscope for July 19: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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A new week has dawned, and the latest horoscopes suggest an interesting week is ahead in astrology. Here is today’s horoscope for Monday, July 19.

What is the horoscope for July 19?

The Tarot.com general daily horoscope for July 19 reads: “Cozy emotional security may be ours today, but not without some costs.

“When the emotional Moon forms a peaceful trine with the radiant Sun at 12:30 pm EDT, we’ll want to know that the people around us are there to stay.

“The Moon also challenges Venus and Mars in fiery Leo, though, so passion may threaten the day’s calm.

“Meanwhile, communicator Mercury slams sensitive Chiron, and if we hold too much back, we could blurt out something regrettable.”

What is the horoscope for this week?

Planetary movements could have a significant impact on our thoughts and feelings this week.

On Wednesday, July 21, Venus enters Virgo and, according to Horoscope.com, the “maiden sign isn’t the easiest placement for the planet of love and beauty”.

The site adds that “we may find ourselves becoming more critical of our looks and romantic partners as we struggle for perfection.”

However, as Venus is in Virgo, this could also mean people are “more practical and altruistic”, in particular with money.

According to Astrology.com, there will be an “elemental focus” shift on Wednesday.

The site explains: “The month’s elemental focus begins to shift on July 21 when Venus enters Virgo and Leo season arrives on July 22.

“During these days, we begin to move from fire and water to fire and earth.

“Mercury enters Leo on July 27, but not before forming an intense opposition with Pluto.

“Watch your words around this time, especially if you find yourself involved in an emotionally charged situation.

“Mars entering Virgo at the month’s end should help turn off any fires the trickster planet might have gotten us involved in.”

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