Demi Lovato Is ‘Hurt’ By ‘Hateful & Cruel’ Comments Mocking Her OD After She Shared 21 Savage Meme

Demi Lovato was piled on hard after posting a meme about 21 Savage’s potential deportation. Now she’s devastated that people mocked her OD as a result.

Demi Lovato, 26, learned a very hard lesson that 21 Savage‘s fans will not stand for him being dissed. After he was arrested by immigration officials on Feb. 3 and faces a possible deportation back to the U.K., she tweeted a meme that was going around which mocked how he is going to be writing his new songs via candle light and a quill pen. People immediately slammed her for it and began mocking her July of 2018 near fatal drug overdose. “Demi feels horrible about sharing the 21 Savage meme and wishes she had taken a little more to think time before posting it,” a source to the “Stone Cold” singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“It was never Demi’s intention to be insensitive, hurtful or disrespectful at all to him, or to any of the detainees, and in hindsight, she sees how it wasn’t the best timing to make light of a situation like that,” our insider adds. It was a shock to most of 21’s fans that he wasn’t from Atlanta. The rapper — real name She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph — overstayed his visa in 2006 and according to his lawyer now faces a potential 10-year ban from re-entering the U.S. if he’s deported back to Britain. There’s nothing funny about that.

Demi was piled on big time for posting the meme that made a joke of 21’s possible deportation. She was attacked so hard on Twitter that she was forced to quit the social media service. That didn’t stop the haters, who headed to her Instagram and wrote messages such as” Go shoot some more heroin Demi,” and “She’s a hypocrite let’s pull out the heroin memes and see if this b**** doesn’t get emotional.” Brutal!

“At the same time, Demi also doesn’t think the punishment fit the crime, and was really hurt and affected by a lot of the hateful and cruel things people said to her on social media,” our insider continues. “Demi is strong, and she tries to put on a brave face, but she’s still in the recovery phase, and is still struggling. People don’t realize how much their words hurt, but while she’s staying strong, and on the road to recovery, it doesn’t give others the right to purposefully kick her when she’s down.” Demi just celebrated sixth months of sobriety and getting trolled about her overdose is such an awful reminder of what happened to her.

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