Easy cooking hack preps swede in 20 minutes and requires no chopping or peeling

Swede can be difficult to prepare with its tough skin and hard flesh.

But now there's a cooking hack which will help you to prepare the root vegetable without any hassle.

Greengrocer Country Gardens in West Sussex, ran by married couple Cat and John, has revealed a useful trick for prepping swede.

It requires just two simple steps, which involves placing the whole vegetable in the microwave for 20 minutes.

Then once it's come out of the appliance, all you have to do is just scoop out the flesh and begin mashing.

The fruit and vegetable shop uploaded photos of the discovering to help other home cooks struggling to prep swede.

Country Gardens said on Facebook: "Love swede, but don't love chopping, I know I do.

"Well there's a technique we've receive from a chef extraordinaire."

In order to prepare, foodies should place the whole vegetable in the microwave without piercing and set to cook for 10 minutes.

Once the timer goes, turn it over and then cook for a further 10 minutes.

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You must leave it to cool down before scooping, then you can add all the butter and seasonings you want.

After sharing their handy trick, the post went viral and gained more than 3,600 comments with 9,300 shares.

One praised: "This is of great help, as it gets harder to peel with your hands as you get older."

Another commented: "Brilliant! Thank you. I have arthritis in my fingers and find peeling a swede very difficult indeed."

The person added: "This is the answer to my prayers. Thank you again!"

But some foodies weren't so impressed with the idea.

Many commented that they've been "doing this for years".

While others pointed out placing the vegetable in the microwave for 20 minutes will have "zapped all the goodness out".

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