Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna Rip Sutton Stracke for Lawsuit & WWHL Talk on RHOBH Premiere

Erika spills on all the sex she's having, hits back at an inquisitive Bravo producer and explains why her divorce may be delayed a bit.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are back and Sutton Stracke is already in hot water with both Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.

Of course, it’s nothing new with Erika, who was still holding a grudge after Sutton made it clear last season she felt Jayne was lying about something when it came to her legal situation and divorce from Tom Girardi.

Rinna, meanwhile, was upset that during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Stracke claimed that Lisa and Harry Hamlin never thanked her for bringing them as guests to one of Elton John’s Oscar parties — a dig at Rinna, who last season said she was disappointed Garcelle Beauvais never sent a thank you text to her for dropping some of Harry’s infamous pasta sauce off at the house.

“Don’t f—ing come for me on f—ing television with your bulls—, uh uh. Sorry!” Rinna exclaimed as she and Erika caught up — while Sutton told Garcelle elsewhere that the comment was made in good fun. This was definitely the pettier scenario for Sutton and the two never addressed it with one another in the premiere. In fact, Sutton didn’t share screen time with Rinna or Erika in the first episode back.

Erika Jayne Reveals She's 'Had Some Sex' Following Tom Girardi Split

While speaking with Rinna, Erika revealed she had a “secret admirer” and was getting busy as of late. “I’m back in the dating pool but I’m much more interested in having really good sex with nice people … and maybe some not so nice people,” she added in a confessional.

Jayne later met up with Garcelle to talk about the Sutton of it all. After a workout, Beauvais wanted to know if Erika ever planned to apologize to Sutton for exclaiming, “You ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you” — something Stracke took as a threat — during that nasty dinner party last season. Erika, it seems, did not.

“I was backed into a corner. I can’t really apologize for not fighting sterile,” she told Garcelle. “I wanna say this about Sutton, she talks a lot of s—. When you start taking swings at people, they’re going to swing back.”

“Sutton chose to repeat things and say things that have been disproven now. There was never $20 million in my LLC. I’ll never get away from widows and orphans, even though it’s not true,” Erika then told Garcelle, referring to one of the lawsuits against her.

“I never had it. It was never in my hands, it was never in my account. The bankruptcy trustee says Erika Girardi never touched the Lion Air money,” she then claimed. “The facts are in my favor that I didn’t touch any of this s— and when someone is repeatedly saying things … Sutton led the charge. Sutton spoke very strongly on things that have, by the way, been disproven.”

In a confessional, Erika was asked by the show’s producers “how and when was this disproven,” but the reality star didn’t offer any specifics.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to go check all that s— out, but it was disproven early so Bravo can do their due diligence. I don’t really know,” she told them. When asked whether any proof was “available to the public,” she added, “Yeah, duh, tell them to go f—ing read everything that my lawyer has put out and that they can answer their own f—ing questions.”

“”Every day I would wake up to a new accusation, a new lawsuit, a new this, a f—ing documentary, a hit piece, all of those things are not true,” she added, “I want to make one thing clear: These are civil lawsuits. I have not been charged with a crime.”

Like the producer in question, Garcelle also seemed unconvinced.

“Other than Erika saying that they’ve been disproven, I’ve seen nothing. Not in the paper, not in the blogs, nowhere,” she said in her own confessional. “If this is true, why isn’t it in the press? I think Erika’s hopeful and because she’s hopeful, she might be jumping to the gun before we really know the truth. I think Erika’s just, denial.”

Erika Jayne Says Lisa Rinna Told Her to 'Pull Your F—king Sh-t Together' Or She'd Lose Her 'As a Friend'

In the same conversation, Erika opened up a little about her ongoing divorce from Tom Girardi as well — saying her estranged husband was still in a facility and the process was “just so open ended.”

“I’m legally separated and there are some bumps in the road divorcing an incompetent person,” she explained. “I have much bigger lawsuits to fight and I’ll get divorced when I can. I’m trying my best to sort it all out.”

While Sutton and Erika never crossed paths in the premiere either, Stracke did later complain to Kyle Richards that she didn’t think it was fair she’s in so much trouble with Jayne — especially when she felt Kyle’s husband Mauricio and Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK didn’t get as much anger directed at them from Erika. Kyle reminded her that Erika was upset with both men and their wives, not only tweeting about it at the time but also bringing it up at the reunion.

Erika also somewhat confronted Mauricio about it toward the end of the hour as the women met up at Kyle’s to comfort Dorit following a terrifying home invasion. “You hurt my feelings, Mauricio, you hurt my f—ing feelings,” she said to him as they hugged hello and he said he’d never want to do that.

“You know I’m sensitive, it hurt my feelings. You know this last year has sucked,” she added, as he apologized again and kissed her hand.

It’ll be interesting when Sutton, Erika and Rinna all wind up in the same place this season, as they clearly have quite a bit to hash out!

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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