Fans Think This Was The 'Real Sadness' About Princess Diana Marrying Prince Charles

As far as marriages go, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had an extremely difficult one. They had a pretty significant age gap, with Prince Charles being 32 years old at the time they married and Princess Diana being only 20.

In addition, they had only been on a dozen or so dates before becoming engaged, barely giving them the time they needed to get to know each other well enough to spend their lives together. Despite all this, they chose to walk down the aisle anyway, and in front of billions of people, they officially became husband and wife.

Even before they were married, there were signs that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship would not work out. During their engagement interview, they seemed to dodge the question of whether they were truly in love when Prince Charles answered very strangely by saying “whatever that means.”

Although Princess Diana never appeared to be completely happy during her marriage to Prince Charles, it was still extremely disappointing when they finally divorced. Let’s discuss why fans think this was the “real sadness” about Princess Diana marrying Prince Charles.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles had a relationship before Princess Diana was ever in the picture

It is no secret that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles go way back. In fact, it can be argued that she is, and always has been, the true love of his life, even while he was married to Princess Diana.

According to Insider, Prince Charles first met Parker Bowles at a polo match, and he was instantly smitten. They carried on an affair, although they both eventually ended up married to other people.

Why didn’t they just marry each other in the first place? Prince Charles was away tending to his duties in the royal navy. He returned to find that Parker Bowles was engaged to someone else.

Because of that, Prince Charles went on to marry Princess Diana, even though he was still in love with Parker Bowles. As a result, one of the most famous love triangles in history came to be.

When did Prince Charles and Princess Diana meet?

It was in 1977 that Prince Charles and Princess Diana first met. And, ironically, he dated her older sister first.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, they made each other’s acquaintance at the Spencer family home, and at first, they were very attracted to each other. It wasn’t until a few years later that they became a couple, and soon after that, Princess Diana was sporting that famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring that Kate Middleton now wears.

Through it all, it is pretty likely that Parker Bowles was always on Prince Charles’s mind. And one of the most surprising things about the entire situation is that she was actually a guest at his wedding to Princess Diana.

Good Housekeeping reports that Princess Diana knew that Parker Bowles, who she thought of as Prince Charles’s former girlfriend, was among the guests at the ceremony. And Princess Diana even kept an eye out for her as she walked down the aisle to her waiting prince.

Many people knew about Prince Charles’ affair

So, what was the “real sadness” about Princess Diana marrying Prince Charles? Well, Reddit reports that some fans find that it is heartbreaking that no one warned Princess Diana that Parker Bowles was his mistress.

Apparently, many people knew about the affair, such as the Queen Mother and her sisters, and Princess Diana trusted each one of them. Yet, no one, as far as we know, spoke to her about the fact that Prince Charles and Parker Bowles’ relationship was not in the past, and that it looked like she was there to stay.

Princess Diana surely didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was, and some people think that it could have been avoided. 

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