Fathers reveal their ingenious hacks for caring for children

Dad’s got this! Fathers’ unveil the hilariously unorthodox parenting hacks that make everything from shopping to bath time a little bit easier

  • People from around the world shared their parenting hacks on social media 
  • Some fathers showed off their ingenious methods for looking after their children 
  • Included bathing children in baskets and tricks for taking them shopping

Children can be a handful but some canny dads have figured out clever ways to make the task a bit more manageable, although some of their methods are rather unorthodox. 

Gosocial and Ranker have collected some of the most inventive dad hacks from around the world, including one father who made sure his baby was strapped in safely by tying his dreadlocks around her as she perched on his shoulders. 

Another solved the problem of identifying one identical twin from another by shaving the numbers one and two into their hair.  

And parents may well find themselves taking note for the next shopping trip, after a dad stuck the grocery list to his son’s head so he wouldn’t lose it.  

Fathers from around the world have been sharing their rather unorthodox parenting hacks online, including the dad who found a trusty place for his shopping list to ensure it didn’t get lost

One parent found this was the easiest way to transport his toddler around the store – and would keep them out of trouble 

This clever father found he could keep an eye on his son by hanging a play swing inside his garage 

One fathers crazy hair style also provides the perfect seat for his daughter to perch on his shoulders 

Putting a coffee cup lid onto a baby’s lolly will keep their hands from getting sticky, and it means they can enjoy their ice cream and stay clean 

The bin walker is the perfect alternative to an expensive toy or walker and, as this user pointed out, can even be useful after your baby has grown out of it 

This brilliant hack, of putting a baby in a washing basket while in the bath, so that they can’t climb out, is genius 

This clever dad used his babies favourite cuddly toy to help him the dummy in his mouth 

Another father found he could gently rock his twins to sleep by gently turning a playground roundabout 

Wheeling children around on suitcases means they’re easier to keep track of at airports, and should keep them amused

For those dads with daughters who may not be any good at plaits, this father found that he could tie his daughters hair by imagining it was like a rope 

A golf mad dad found this ingenious way to take his mini me around the pitch with him when he’s keen for a day out 



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