‘Friends & Family Hustle’: Tiny Skips Part 1 Of A Girls’ Trip To Support T.I. At Album Release Party

T.I. released his new album on the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Friends & Family Hustle,’ and Tiny was so invested in making sure she supported him that she cut a girls’ trip short to be by his side!

Tameka “Tiny” Harris took it upon herself to plan a girls’ trip on the Dec. 10 episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, but it just so happened to fall on the SAME weekend as T.I.’s album release. The rapper hosted an album launch party at The Trap Museum in Atlanta on release day, and Tiny wasn’t thrilled when her man didn’t go out of his way to invite her. “Sometimes I just want to hear him say…baby, come here, come with me,” she admitted. “Even though I know if [he goes], that means if I want to go, I can go. It’s important for him to be on his A-game in this relationship, because I don’t have time to keep playing these games.”

T.I. explained to his wife that she has an “invitation for a lifetime” to be in attendance at any event he’s in attendance at, and, in the end, she promised him that she would be there…even if it meant arriving to the girls’ weekend late. “I’m looking forward to making time for both of these events,” Tiny explained. “I love Tip and I can’t wait to be there for the release party, but I also love my girls and can’t wait for a getaway trip with them. Especially since I instigated it!”

Tip made a point to explain that his album was very autobiographical, which included one particular song about Tiny and all the mistakes he’s made in their relationship called “The Amazing Mr. F*** Up.” “‘The Amazing Mr. F*** Up’ is about my relationship,” T.I. dished. “This album, it’s an evolution.” He added that he played the track for Tiny a day or two after it was complete. “I played it, she listened to it, and she said…that’s a good song,” he revealed. “That’s pretty much it.”

Of course, when T.I released “The Amazing Mr. F*** Up” in October, fans dove deep into the lyrics, which included him apologizing for getting handsy with another woman and more. “It’s my way of supplying nosy people with more nosiness,” he joked on the show. “People could care less about the true status. They just want to sensationalize it. I’m just stirring the pot! That’s where the money comes from!”

T.I. admitted that recording “The Amazing Mr. F*** Up” was “therapeutic” for him, and provided him a way to “tell [his] truth.” The whole album release made Tiny extremely proud. “I feel like it’s good to have a partner that understands the business and the pressure of the music industry,” she gushed. “When you work and are passionate about what you do, you never really make time to celebrate the accomplishments. But he really put his all into this and did a great job.”

By the end of the episode, Tiny joined her girls for the weekend getaway, so she truly got the best of both worlds AND got to appease her man and her friends!

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