Ginger cat does spot-on Puss In Boots impression to ask his owner for treats

Any cat owner will know that felines are very skilled at looking adorable to get what they want.

Whether it’s showing you their fluffy tummy just so they can sink their teeth into your hand, acting all snuggly in the pursuit of treats, or only showing attention to the person who feeds them, cats are masters of manipulation.

But this cat in particular has this talent absolutely nailed.

Master Poe Poe, an eight-month-old ginger cat, knows exactly how to widen his eyes and look all innocent.

He pulled the trick on owner Deborah De Asis, who immediately knew he was angling for a treat.

Deborah also made sure to quickly grab her phone and film the moment, as she realised Master Poe Poe was a dead ringer for Shrek’s Puss In Boots.

Deborah, a technical support officer from Holland, said: ‘He definitely is the real life Puss in Boots – he just needs the hat.

‘I was so surprised when he first started looking at me like that with the big eyes so I had to get it on video.

‘He even does the same pose with his paws so it works on me every time.

‘He’s doing the cute eyes to try and get what he wants, such as a treat, but he’s also not afraid to snatch things from you directly.

‘Everyone thinks he’s the most adorable cat and that he absolutely nails the Puss in Boots impression.’

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