Girl of my dreams brutally dumped me — and now I’m stuck going on holiday with her – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE girl of my dreams went cold on me – and I’m stuck going on holiday with her in two weeks’ time.

I met her at school ten years ago, when I was 16. I fancied her right away but did nothing about it.

She was at a mate’s barbecue a couple of months ago. After a few drinks, I declared I wanted her – in front of a house full of people. Not my finest hour.

But we got together anyway and I couldn’t wait to spend time with her. I’m 27 and she is 26. At first it was great fun but she lost interest and the split was awful.

A group of us are going to Ibiza next month and I’m dreading being with her all the time.

DEIDRE SAYS: She has not lived up to ten years of expectations because you are very different from who you were in your teens.

You are sad now but if she doesn’t love you, she has done you a favour by saying so. Now you can find somebody who deserves your love and respect.

Treat her as another friend on your holiday.

You won’t have to go everywhere as one. Have fun – and my e-leaflet Moving On will help too.

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