Glamour model with 32NN boobs spends £10k on five ops to get ‘UK’s biggest bust’

A glamour model has splurged a whopping £10,000 on plastic surgery for her boobs.

Leia Parker, 25, who is naturally a 30E cup, has always had a large chest but felt self-conscious about her image growing up.

At the age of 17, the beauty began doing part-time promotions work around her college studies and then transitioned into modelling.

To boost her confidence, the glamour model decided to get breast implants at 19 paying £2,500 to increase her cup size to a 30FF.

She went under the knife again to have a total of five operations in a bid to achieve her large breasts.

Now a 32NN, Leia believes she is the proud owner of "Britain's biggest boobs".

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Leia, from Twickenham, London, said: "I've had five boob jobs.

"I paid for two myself, which cost a total of £10,000, and the rest were paid by other people.

"I had three in the UK, which took me to a 32K, but after that surgeons here said they couldn't take me any bigger, so I went abroad.

"Now I'm a 32NN, which I think are some of the biggest boobs in Britain. I have had to learn to adjust to having them.

"For example, I go to the gym but I can't run and I can't drive either. I even sleep with a special pregnancy pillow."

In July 2014, at first, her mum Sandra Parker, 48, was unsure about her daughter going under the knife at such a young age.

Leia added: "She was worried and kept asking me why I wanted to do it when I had quite a big chest naturally."

Luckily the model's operation went without a hitch and her confidence soon increased.

A year later she had her second set of implants, a 32H cup, paid for by a friend.

Then in 2017, Leia got her third boob job in the UK, which was funded by her boyfriend at the time as a present.

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After the three procedures, the plastic surgery fan decided she wanted more but couldn't find a surgeon in the UK to help.

She eventually travelled to Warsaw, Poland, where she found a doctor who took her boobs to a 32L.

This fourth operation, which took place in May 2018, was paid for by the same ex-boyfriend.

And earlier this year in January, Leia returned to the same location to go under the knife for a fifth time.

Leia spent £7,500 of her own money to have her chest boosted to a 32NN.

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Now she is completely happy with her look and is not planning anymore surgery.

Leia said: "I understand I chose to look like this and that it makes me money, so I try not to get cross, but people say horrible things.

"When it's just men thinking they're funny, I ignore it, but I find it very hurtful when the negativity comes from other women.

"I've had a woman I've never met before come up to me in a bar and tell me I'm a disgrace and the reason men attack women.

"I'm not hurting anybody so I don't understand the need to be that nasty."

Enjoying a stellar success in her career, Leia can earn anywhere between £2,000 to £10,000 a month.

She's flown all over the world, including a glamorous trip to Las Vegas on jobs.

Aware that she doesn't want to be a glamour model forever, she is currently saving as much to be financially comfortable.

Leia concluded: "I know modelling has a shelf life. When I do decide to stop, I think I'll get my boobs reduced.

"I want kids one day and I don't want to attract negative attention in the playground. I'm not sure what I'll do next."

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