Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker viewers cringe over finale

‘This is making my toes curl’: Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker viewers cringe at ‘awful’ finale after judges call ‘incompetent’ amateurs ‘the best-of-the-best’ – despite ‘iffy’ nailing and unfinished builds

  • Final episode of Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker aired last night
  • Programme follows the popular format of Bake Off with challenges and judges 
  • Three amateur carpenters build a show-piece and complete a technical task 
  • Viewers of the programme slated the finale, calling it ‘cringeworthy’ 

Viewers slammed the ‘toe-curling’ final episode of Channel 4’s Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker last night.

In the yesterday’s episode of the new show, which has been dubbed ‘Bake off for wood’, three amateur carpenters were asked to create a garden building at least two metres high, two metres wide and two metres deep.

Declaring the woodworkers were ‘the best of the best’, the judges  Helen Welch and Alex De Rijke crowned carpenter Misti, from Ludlow, the winner.

However many of those watching were left stunned by the programme, with one writing: ‘Having worked with some very gifted tradesmen over the years. This is making my toes curl.’

Viewers slammed the final episode of Channel 4’s Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker last night as they called the programme ‘toe-curling’ 

Another commented: ‘A difficult watch with Mel pratting about, both judges so far up their own opinions I’m surprised they could see the work at all. 

‘The nauseating layering of media woke and obsessive use of the word SHE every 8 seconds and then clearly the wrong winner.’

Mel Giedroyc welcomed back the three finalists to the workshop nestled in ancient woodland on Wales’ Glanusk Estate to make their biggest build yet.

In the final big build challenge of the series, Misti and her fellow finalists, Charlie and Radha, were asked to create a garden building inspired by their hobbies.  

Many of those watching the programme questioned if the carpenters were ‘the best of the best’ and said the show was ‘toe-curling’ 

The trio had just two days to build the huge creations that would take professionals weeks to make. 

Misti made an intricate garden lounge built from cedar and raised off the ground with steps leading to cushioned seating and a roof of fabric shades. 

Meanwhile fellow competitor Charlie designed a teepee for the challenge, while Radha said he wanted to create a ‘meditation’ room.

The judges questioned Charlie’s ‘iffy’ nailing, with Helen saying: ‘There is something that would have been super gorgeous if they joints had met.

The judges questioned Charlie’s ‘iffy’ nailing, with Helen saying her teepee would have been ‘super gorgeous’ if the joints met

Meanwhile Helen and Alex congratulated Radha on the ‘quality’ of his build, despite the fact it was unfinished (pictured) 

‘Well done for giving it a go.’ 

Meanwhile Helen and Alex congratulated Radha on the ‘quality’ of his build, despite the fact it was unfinished,

Alex said: ‘You squandered some of your time laminating the frame.’ 

Judging the build, Alex told Misti that she was  a ‘perfectionist’, saying: ‘The minimal structure is very clean, very precise…I’m loving the built in bench. It makes it inhabitable.’ 

And it was ultimately her garden structure which led her to be crowned as Britain’s Best Woodworker by Alex and Helen following six weeks of competition.

Upon judging Misti’s wooden garden building, Alex called the amateur carpenter ‘a perfectionist’ 

The amateur woodworker encouraged viewers to ‘just be them’ and ‘be whatever you want in this life’ (pictured) 

On winning, Misti said: ‘It feels amazing. I’ve always questioned how good I am at things, but I am the winner. It feels really really good.’

She continued: ‘There’s no doubt that I live my life differently and I did want other people to see that actually it’s ok, you can be whatever you want in this life and you can succeed at things in this life despite your differences. 

‘Everybody should just be them and do their thing and be happy.’ 

Series judge Helen, founder of the London School of Furniture Making, said of Misti: ‘She’s been great from the beginning, watching her grow has been a pleasure.’

After being crowned the winner of the programme, Helen said Misti was ‘great from the beginning’ (pictured, Misti with the trophy) 

Misti worked for over 30 years as a high-end interior designer, working in mansions and stately homes. 

A few years ago, Misti decided to leave it all behind and now works out of her woodland workshop, sculpting from stone and wood. 

Ahead of the series starting, Misti said her strength would be her eye for design and her knowledge of wood and what it can do.

Despite the judges admitting they were ‘blown away’  by Misti’s efforts, many of those watching were less than impressed.

One person wrote: ‘Awful! German carpenters will be crying into their beers and p******* themselves laughing at such an incompetent TV programme featuring awful jobbing woodworkers! As for the judges…’ 

Despite the judges praising Misti as ‘a perfectionist’, many of those watching the show questioned whether the contestants were ‘the best of the best’ 

A second commented: ‘”These are the best of the best”….hmmmm?’ 

Another wrote: ‘The best of the best is really, really pushing it.’  

It’s far from the first time viewers have slated the programme.

After the first episode, viewers slammed the ‘miserable’ judges for being ‘too harsh’ on contestants. 

And after the second episode, many of those watching criticised the difficulty of the challenges on the show. 

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