How do I tell my childhood friend I can’t stand being around her now?

DEAR DEIDRE: HOW do I tell my childhood friend I can’t stand being around her now?

We’re both 23. She is constantly causing problems in our group of friends and doesn’t care how her moods affect us all.

She’s never got on with her parents so doesn’t have good relationships to replicate.

She can be quite aggressive and is really dramatic, which winds people up. For example, after a row she will cry for days on end and expect me to comfort her.

She often says: “Why do people attack me when I’ve got so much else going on?”

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Recently I found out that she’d kissed one of our friend’s boyfriends at the pub. There was a photo to prove it, but when I quizzed my friend she lied straight to my face.

That was the final straw and now I’m ready to walk away. How do I tell her?

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds as if your friend could be seeking the attention she doesn’t get from her parents – trying to find it with you and your friends.

It also sounds like she is immature.

Explain to her that you are disappointed in how she treats you and your friends. Tell her you need some space.

Perhaps you can reassess the situation in six months.

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