I feel tired and depressed since giving birth and I avoid sex completely – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE:  SINCE our baby daughter was born four months ago, my partner complains I never want to have any fun.

I find myself not wanting sex either, as I don’t have the energy. I just want to sleep.

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What’s worse, we have his eight-year-old daughter to stay with us most weekends. She is quite a handful and leaves me exhausted.

She draws on the wallpaper, breaks things and refuses to eat what I cook.

My partner gets annoyed with her but seems unable to stop her playing up.

I used to be lively and sociable but now I’m constantly depressed and always tired with looking after the baby, though I’m only 32. My partner is 39.

I do love him and want things to be good between us but I can’t see us having a sex life again soon.

DEIDRE SAYS: See a GP about your depression and exhaustion.

Explain to your partner that low sex drive often accompanies post-natal depression.

My e-leaflet on Sex Problems After A Baby can help. Keep kissing and cuddling even if you don’t have full sex for now.

Together work out firm rules for his daughter, but he must give her a lot of time and attention.

She’s coping with her parents splitting up and must feel very threatened.

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