I forgave my girlfriend for cheating on me — but now our sex is rubbish

I’m 25 and she is 23. We used to have a fantastic sex life, enjoying lots of different positions.

I went on holiday with my mates for a week and when I got back she confessed she had started sleeping with a guy from work.

She apologised and I forgave her. But our sex life is rubbish now.

She doesn’t like me touching her and sex, if we have it, is in the missionary position.

I don’t feel I’ve changed. What’s wrong?

DEIDRE SAYS: It may be the sex you were having wasn’t as great for her as it was for you. Or there may be issues in your relationship that triggered her cheating and still need sorting.

Ask her what you can do to improve your relationship from her point of view.

My e-leaflet Has She Gone Off Sex? explains more.

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