I'm worried my girl plays songs because they remind her of her ex-boyfriend

We moved in together last year and her ex lives five minutes away. They broke up because he cheated on her.

She was being weird with her phone so I checked it and discovered they were texting loads and she was giving him lifts to work. I am 24, my girlfriend is 23, and so is he.

My partner says they no longer speak but we recently got an Amazon Echo and I have the app on my phone.

She keeps asking Alexa to play songs which I know she and her ex thought of as “their” tunes.

Am I being paranoid or is she missing him?

DEIDRE SAYS: Maybe she just likes those songs.

Remember she knows her ex isn’t to be trusted.

Going through her phone isn’t a good plan but you could raise the subject of cheating and make it clear that, unlike her ex, you neither cheat nor will put up with cheating.

Then focus on making sure your time together is so wonderful that there’s no way she’ll want to think about any other guy.

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