Jana Kramer Reveals Her Quarantine Fitness Routine & Why She Allows Herself A Few ‘Mom Cries’

Jana Kramer spoke on the HL podcast about how she’s handling quarantine with her two kids & even dished on her at home fitness routine!

Most Americans have been quarantined for the last four to six weeks, and celebs are no exception to the stay at home rules! Jana Kramer spoke to HollywoodLife on our virtual podcast and revealed what she’s doing to stay sane in isolation. “It’s been it’s been hard because I like to go go go and be working, but on the flip side of things, it’s been a great time because I’ve really embraced putting the phone down and being really present with my kids,” she said of being quarantined with her two kiddos Jace, 1, and Jolie, 4. “I’ll never be able to get back this time and it’s really just been so beautiful and so nice.”

Jana was working on a movie up in Ottawa at the time the pandemic began to ravage the US, and unfortunately, was forced to urgently fly home before the borders were closed. “At the time, all I really cared about was getting home. I felt a lot of regret and guilt about even leaving in the first place — I’ve had a few good mom cries about that,” she admitted. “Now that we’re home, the anxiety is lessening. We just all need to grant ourselves a little grace and have empathy. It’s okay to be bummed out right now.”

To keep things upbeat and avoid getting stir crazy, Jana has been sticking with her Erin Oprea workouts, and taking daily walks outside. “I’m just trying to move as much as I can,” she said, revealing Erin Facetimes her for workouts twice a week. Jana also told HollywoodLife that in her alone time, she’s been working on songwriting for some upcoming music releases! The singer just released “Untouchable,” an upbeat summer jam for the single ladies out there looking for a once in a lifetime kind of love. “I’m definitely writing. Me and Colt Ford have something in the works and then me and Preston [Brust] from LoCash are going to be working on something together!” Jana teased.

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