Kelly Brook reveals her secret to dropping a dress size after lockdown ‘snacksidents’ made her gain weight

SELF-CONFESSED curvy girl, Kelly Brook has carved out an exceptional career from her stunning looks.

But, when lockdown left many Brits feeling sluggish and piling on the pounds, the 41-year-old model was no different.

After getting "stuck in a rut" as her priorities shifted and her strict regime fell by the wayside, Kelly says she went up a dress size.

In a refreshingly honest chat with The Sun, the actress admitted the idea she has an unfaltering confidence in her figure and looks is a myth.

Like women across the nation, she too has days where she feels unattractive.

“I’m only human. We all have days where we don’t feel attractive and generally there were two scores of people during lockdown.

“There were people who were working out in their gardens and then those who bought a pizza oven, a bread maker, and an ice cream machine – I was in that camp”, she said.

It comes as new research from SlimFast revealed that lockdown has robbed us of our motivational mojo, with 73 per cent of women believing lockdowns have had a negative impact on their motivation to look and feel good.  

Now Kelly, who is a SlimFast ambassador, says she wants women to ‘love the shape they're in’ and get their ‘mojo back’.

Like so many of us, Kelly had a regular exercise regime and used her SlimFast plan to keep herself on track.

“Then lockdown happened and our whole world flipped upside down," she told The Sun.

“There was part of me that thought I would never see anyone again, so I felt like it didn’t matter what I looked like as I wasn’t going to be going to any events.

“I had times during last year where I let my healthy habits slip and as a result I gained weight, felt sluggish and generally felt lacking in ummph.  

“A lot of it was down to what I like to call ‘snacksidents’, it was such a strange time and no one knew what was going to happen.”

It was a far cry from the world where Kelly first launched her career, which led her to being considered among the sexiest women in the world.

Kelly admitted it was a challenging, at the time magazines and Hollywood celebrated the super skinny.

And while many of her fellow models at the time were naturally thin, Kelly said she didn't look like the other girls on the pages of glossy magazines.

Kelly reveals her six health hacks to keep you balanced

The SlimFast survey revealed over a quarter of women (26 per cent) admit their eating habits are ‘out of control’ and 31 per cent feel ‘tormented’ by the snack cupboard.

Around 22 per cent fear not being able to get back to a healthy weight just as much as they feared the coronavirus. 

Here Kelly reveals her tips for a balanced diet.

  1. Banish the Shame – I have positive self-esteem and am happy to accept myself – cellulite, warts and all! Being kinder to ourselves and letting go of shame and guilt helps us to stick to our goals long term
  2. Deprivation is Dull! – I never say no to something I really want BUT it’s all about checks and balances.  I work to the 80:20 rule. I know that if I eat well and enjoy balanced nutritious meals I will feel and look better 
  3. Be SMART about nutrition – SlimFast helps me fill up with smart nutritious shakes, bars, snacks and meals which taste great and fit in to my busy life 
  4. Dream your own Dream – Don’t follow someone else’s dream or ideal or compare yourself to others.  I always drive in my own lane 
  5. No regrets – Don’t beat yourself up about yesterday or last year – focus on the positive changes you can make today and tomorrow
  6. One step at a time – Life is a marathon not a sprint and for long term success, slow and steady always wins the race. We might be facing lots of uncertainties in 2021 but one thing you can take control of is eating better and losing and maintaining a healthy weight 

It was a world where social media didn't exist, and despite feeling different Kelly had confidence in how she looked and her figure didn't really phase her.

It's only since diving into various social media platforms and with the advent of the 'like' culture that Kelly said her own self-esteem has taken a knock, recognising so many women are plagued by their insecurities.


Now that Covid restrictions have lifted, Kelly has tried to regain her focus.

She added: “I didn’t embark on a journey to lose weight because I wanted to be a specific size or reach a certain milestone on the scales.

“It was the decision to do something healthy and positive for myself that has been the most rewarding and liberating. Making an active choice to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight with SlimFast has been really empowering.

“It’s a way of being active in the body and mind set. Filling myself up with positivity and ‘can-do’ vibes as well as fuelling my body with tasty, nutritious food and shakes to keep my weight and wellbeing on track.”

After starting out wanting to lose a bit of weight, Kelly said reaching that goal has shifted her mindset, and now it's all about maintaining her shape.

Data from SlimFast shows over a quarter of women admit their eating habits are "out of control" and 31 per cent feel "tormented" by the snack cupboard. 

Strikingly, 22 per cent fear not being able to get back to a healthy weight just as much as they feared coronavirus.

Kelly has managed to drop a dress size after sticking to her plan, dropping from he lockdown size 14 to a comfortable size 12.

For the model, a size 10-12 is her sweet spot.

And as well as her SlimFast plan, Kelly credits walking her Cavapoo, Teddy everyday with helping to keep her in shape.

She said: “Walking the dog keeps me trim, I enjoy it so much, it’s all about getting the steps in.

“That’s one thing I have kept up from lockdown because it’s all we were really able to do.

“Doing this with my SlimFast plan is great, I love the mint ones and there is so much protein in them.

“Jeremy my partner loves them too so it’s great as they can be for guys and girls."

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