Lad savaged for saying ‘all men’ wear underwear ‘3-10 times’ before washing them

A man has sparked quite a heated debate online about how often you should change your undies.

The fella, from the US, took to Twitter to reveal how he wears his underwear up to 10 times before putting them in the wash.

He wrote: "Let's be honest, no man wears a pair of underwear just ONE time before washing them.

"Every man wears each pair of underwear at least 3-10 times before washing them. Let's keep it a buck."

Fortunately the man was the only one who had this theory as the majority of his followers were quick to disagree.

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One person wrote: "Pls tell me you're joking bro… So you like shower and then put on the same draws you had on?!"

Another said: "I don't even like sleeping in the same shorts for two days and y'all out here wearing the same undies more than once."

Meanwhile some of the guy's followers were quick to point out that they weren't in the same league as him.

A Twitter user added: "He tried to group us all together… sir… that's just YOU."

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A second admitted they'd go a couple of weeks without washing their jeans if nothing's spilled on them, but not their underwear.

The user assured: "All men are not this gross."

Even the ladies got involved with the discussion, as one wrote: "Oh no. No. No. Lord please no. That can't be right.

"But if it is, sir, thank you, because I am never having sex with a man ever again."

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She continued: 'I don't even care if someone proves it's wrong. My stomach is turned and there's no going back from this."

Another Twitter user added: "Oh that's disgusting."

But one person decided to defend the social media user.

Suggesting the man might change his undies when he bathes, they added: "I think he meant he doesn't shower a lot."

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