Leo Season Is In Full Effect, Here Are Celebs Who Fall Under The Fire Sign

July 23 to August 22 marks the season for the creative, passionate, generous individuals known as Leos. Described as having a flair for drama — and a love of theater — Leos are said to be natural born leaders, hence the lion that symbolizes this member of the Zodiac.

While Leos need no convincing that their season is one to celebrate, knowing they share a Zodiac sign with these famous individuals only lights more fuel under this fire sign. Click through this list of famous Leos to see who you might share a birthday with and, even more importantly, what character traits you might share with these well-known celebs.

Wayans’ birthday is July 23.

The late icon would have been 58 on August 9.

The actress celebrates her birthday July 30.

Fishburne celebrates his birthday July 30.

The Black-ish actor celebrates his birthday on August 15.

The Academy Award-winner celebrates her birthday August 14.

The Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner will celebrate her birthday August 11.

The actor turns another year older on July 31.

Good will celebrate her birthday August 8.

The actress and comedian celebrates her birthday July 27. 

The fastest person on the planet will celebrate his birthday August 21.

The iconic actress celebrates her birthday August 16.

July 30 is comedic actor Terry Crews’ birthday.

The basketball icon celebrates his birthday August 14.

Romeo celebrates another rotation around the sun on August 19.

The television icon celebrates his birthday August 20.

The rising star’s birthday is August 10.

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