Lil Nas X Calls Out Haters After 'Montero' Hits Number One: 'I Want Your Tears to Fill My Grammy Cup'

“Y’all told a 19 year old who had just escaped the lowest point of his life that he would never have a hit again,” Lil Nas X tweeted after Billboard revealed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” had debuted at number one.

Lil Nas X is celebrating both the second number-one hit of his career on the Billboard Hot 100 and how much he knows his haters are seething over the success of his controversial new single.

The “Old Town Road” rapper immediately drew ire from some conservatives for the music video that accompanied the release of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which featured Nas X sliding down a stripper pole and giving Satan a lap dance.

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Since its release, conservative media and many on social media have lambasted the song as proof of the decline of morality and decency in this country. And all the while, Nas X has been slowly forging a new crown to add to his repertoire: Clapback King.

Now, all that attention has given the young rapper his second career number one after the record-breaking run of his debut single, “Old Town Road,” which spent 19 weeks atop the Hot 100 in 2019.

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“Y’all told a 19 year old who had just escaped the lowest point of his life that he would never have a hit again,” Lil Nas X tweeted out to his haters shortly after his big achievement was announced.

The rapper continued to celebrate online, retweeting other celebratory and congratulatory posts, as well as a few more comments of his own that are more than like meant to rile up his detractors … and more than likely are working exactly as planned.

In one of his many tweets targeting his haters, Lil Nas X proved once again why he’s become so adept at the clapback, telling them that not only does he hope they’re crying over his success, but that he wants their tears to fill his Grammy cup.

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He even dug into his own archives with a very sweet video message he’d recorded for himself back in June 2020 to congratulate his future self for his continued success — which is now coming to fruition.

“Congratulations,” he told his future self in the video, after lamenting a tough recording session. “You deserve all the good shit that’s happening to you right now … I’m proud of you, you pushed through.”

He continued the positivity in a follow-up tweet, telling his fans, “We get to control our own destiny, never let the world decide it for you. No matter how dark it may look keep f–king going.”

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