Man’s dishwasher cleaning hack dissolves grit and grime to make it look new

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In recent weeks, we've seen a manner of incredible cleaning hacks shared on social media platforms including Facebook.

From toilet bowls to kitchen hobs, there's always a way to tackle the dirt in your home without a hassle.

Now in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Shaun Davis-Webb has shared his tip for cleaning a dishwasher.

After finding the appliance in quite a state, Shaun's landlord warned he was going to replace it.

But instead of throwing it away, the business owner decided he wanted to clean the washer.

With a little bit of patience and cleaning, eye-opening photos show Shaun's dishwasher which looks totally brand new.

The owner of Mr Sparkle Contract said: "We unblocked the drainage system with an Astonish Toilet Limescale removing block.

"Simply place a tablet into the drainage hole to allow to dissolve all the grit and grime.

"After this we left it to run a cycle on full heat.

"Then we dried and Sparkle cleaned the interior. Just like new."

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Photos shared exclusively to Daily Star Online show before and after snaps of Shaun's hard work.

And the transformation is truly incredible.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time the business owner put his cleaning gloves on to banish dirt in his home.

Previously, he revealed a genius cleaning hack to eliminate grime off kitchen hobs without a hassle.

And on another occasion, Shaun stunned a Facebook group when he transformed his dirty loo.

He amazed members of the Cleaning Tips & Tricks group when he revealed his clever trick to sorting it out.

Writing on the page, Shaun said: "Hated this toilet today. But after many attempts, I finally got it clean… I wasn't beaten.

"I used soda crystals in the end, soaked for an hour and scrubbed like crazy."

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