Martin Lewis reveals how YOU can claim £125 if you're pinged

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis reveals how YOU can claim up to £125 tax relief if you’re pinged by NHS Covid-19 app

  • Brits can claim £125 back in tax if advised to work from home by Test and Trace
  • British Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis says claims can also be backdated
  • Explains paying less tax is designed to cover the expense of working from home 

Martin Lewis has revealed Brits who are pinged or notified that they need to isolate by Test and Trace may be eligible for a deduction in the amount of tax they’re paying while working from home.

In a recent Money Saving Expert newsletter, Martin explained that people who’ve been advised to work from home after being contacted by the NHS Test and Trace app can be entitled to claim £125.

Those eligible can have their tax code adjusted to pay less tax, but are unable to get the cash upfront.

Martin explained who can benefit from the tax relief, saying: ‘HMRC has specifically confirmed to me that claims from employees working at home due to coronavirus measures, if their usual workplace is closed, count for this relief.  

Martin Lewis has explained how Brits who are required to work from home after being ‘pinged’ by the NHS Test and Trace app can claim £125 (file image)

‘The same also applies if you have to work from home because you’ve been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or because you’re self-isolating having been pinged by the NHS app.’

He claimed that since discovering the service, he has pushed to ensure people are aware of it and claim even if they only plan to use the money to help someone else.  

Martin said the scheme has been designed to cover the additional expenses occurred while being required to work at home.

Many people will have been spending more on their dial-up internet, phone and energy bills.

HMRC has already had over three million people make a claim, however the amount deducted depends on how much tax you’re paying.

For example, if you pay the 20 per cent basic rate of tax and claim tax relief on £6 a week you would get £1.20 per week in tax relief (20 per cent of £6) as a contribution towards household expenses.  

Martin (pictured) said receipts are not necessary for making a claim unless you want to claim a tax relief of more than £6 a week 

Receipts are needed as evidence on £6 a week claims. 

Martin said if you have higher costs than £6 a week, you can claim more but will need to provide evidence therefore it’s a ‘much more laborious process’.   

A Government Gateway user ID and password is needed to make a claim, which can be created in 10 minutes using your National Insurance number and a recent payslip or P60 or a valid UK passport.

The tax relief can also be backdated to cover expenses occurred if your employer required you to work from home for even just one day during 2020.

Martin’s revelations about the service comes as a record 600,000-plus people were ‘pinged’ by the NHS Test and Trace app in the past week.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has revealed the Government will release a list of industries allowed to ignore the app later today, as concerns grow about supermarket shelves being left empty and shoppers panic buying. 

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