McDonald’s customer divides internet with ‘vegan’ burger hack

A woman divided the internet by sharing a "vegan" McDonald's hack on social media.

Carmen Harris, from Australia, posted a video on Monday showing an alternative choice for plant based diners who wanted to eat at the fast food restaurant.

She ordered a McDonald's hamburger – filled with ketchup, onions, pickles and mustard – but removed the beef patty and replaced it with a hash brown.

Carmen called the menu item a "vegan Macca hack" – and many viewers branded the no-meat burger a "game changer".

One TikToker said: "Oh my God this is brilliant."

A second shared their take on the hack, saying: "I am not a vegan but I am vegetarian and I do this but with a Big Mac. Game changer!"

But other were quick to raise an issue, suggesting the hashbrown is "not even vegan".

A viewer explained: "The hashbrowns are cooked in animal fat. The pickles aren't vegan, some of the preservatives are derived from animals."

"Isn't there milk in the buns?" another teased.

A third asked: "Why be a vegan and then go give money to a company that slaughters billions of animals?"

Carmen then hit back and commented: "I wasn't asking for applause. At least this large corporation has affordable and accessible options.

"At least I'm not eating chicken nuggets."

A McDonald's Australia spokesperson told that their hash browns or cheeseburger buns "cannot be certified as vegan" and declined to clarify whether they contained dairy or eggs.

On McDonald's website, it is stated that the buns "may contain traces of sesame seeds, milk, barley and rye".

Meanwhile, the hash browns are "prepared in the restaurant using non-hydrogenated vegetable oil" that can be cooked in the same oil as the Red Pepper and Pesto Goujons.

Daily Star has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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