McDonald’s is adding five new items to menu including deluxe and spicy burgers

McDonald’s is adding five new items to the menu from next week.

The tasty new burgers and sides include a McChicken BLT and nacho cheese wedges.

Sandwich-lovers will enjoy the brands McChicken BLT – a crispy chicken patty is served with lettuce, mayonnaise and bacon.

The decadent answer to the BLT burger will cost £5.19

Plus, a spicy quarter pounder burger will tempt chilli-heads.

The tongue-sizzling new burger is made from a beef patty, two slices of pepper jack cheese, jalapeño peppers, onions, mustard and spicy ketchup.

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The spicy burger will be served in a sesame seed bun and will cost £4.79.

If you prefer your burgers not to burn your tongue, worry not.

McDonald’s will also be adding a new quarter pounder deluxe to the menu.

A tasty beef patty is topped with streaky bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, mayo, ketchup and mustard.

The fully loaded burger will cost £4.89 – not bad if you ask us.

The fast food giant is also bringing back a fan favourite.

Its nacho cheese wedge will be back in stores soon – in both a regular size and as a giant share box.

Cheesy heaven will set you back £1.79 for a regular and £4.79 for the share pack.

Finally, sweet toothed Brits will be pleased with McDonald’s final addition.

The fast food chain is to add a salted caramel latte to the menu.

The sweet-but-salty beverage will cost just £1.69.

We can’t wait to sip on the moreish item as the days draw colder.

The new range of items will launch on October 7.

But, be quick as they’re only here for six weeks – meaning on November 17 they’re gone again.

Double check the prices with your local branch as they can vary.

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