Meghan Markle Gave Her Father an Ultimatum

The Markle family strife doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. According to Vanity Fair, Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas, have only had a single conversation since she married Prince Harry, but offered him one simple request if he wanted to repair their relationship. Unfortunately, over the weekend, he broke the rules when he spoke to The Daily Mail and shared personal cards that she’d sent him over the years. How did that go against Meghan’s ultimatum, exactly? All she asked was that he not speak to the press.

“Meghan made it clear that they could only have a relationship if he kept his silence,” a friend of Meghan’s said to VF. “She told him that he couldn’t speak to the press, plain and simple. But he keeps doing that, and so she feels that she cannot trust him.”

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Since the royal wedding, Thomas has spoken to the press on multiple occasions, telling reporters that the royal family has “frozen” him out and that he’s made dozens of attempts to contact Meghan. Most of his interviews have painted him as an outcast doing his best to reach his daughter (and even taking a few low blows at Harry’s missteps in the spotlight), but for her part, Meghan’s kept her opinions to herself. VF notes that there’s probably only one person that can bring Meghan and her father together: her mother, Doria Ragland.

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But until Thomas starts keeping quiet, it doesn’t look like the relationship’s going to happen.

“[Meghan] has also said if they are to have a relationship, then he has to cut off contact with the rest of his family, including Samantha [Meghan’s half-sister], who Meghan blames for a lot of the problems with her father” the friend continued. “The thing is, whatever Samantha has done, she is still Thomas’s daughter, so that’s a hard call. And as for speaking to the press, he says he doesn’t know how else to get Meghan’s attention.”

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