‘Men are obsessed with my sexy Santa outfit – it earns me hundreds of pounds’

OnlyFans model and cam girl Nova Jewels claims that men are more generous at Christmas – as they tip her with hundreds of pounds.

The 25-year-old, from the UK, started working in the sex industry last summer and has not looked back since.

Not feeling “satisfied” with having to work in retail, Nova found that quality time was consumed with long hours for only minimum wage.

But now it's her first winter as a cam girl and her second Christmas as an OnlyFans model, Nova expects to rake it in big.

And all she has to do is don a sexy Santa outfit to get hearts racing to get the money flowing her way.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Nova spoke about what she is getting up to this Christmas period and tells us the secret to men’s kinks.

She said: “My clients are generally just obsessed with the whole sexy Santa outfit.”

Nova continued: “I put on a red and white Santa lingerie set with a black pair of heeled boots and that’s them in love.

“They are easily pleased.

“Last year was my first Christmas dabbling in the industry and I did receive a good couple of hundred pounds in tips so I’m excited to see what this year has in store now that I’m into the full swing of things.

“I still have regular clients from last year so I am sure that they will provide the goods.”

Although the festive period is profitable for Nova, she is opting to spend her Christmas Day like most of us do – gorging on food and seeing family.

Nova revealed: “Not a chance will I be working at Christmas and that’s due to the fact that since I was 15 years old I’ve worked in the hospitality and retail industry so I had literally no time off at Christmas.
“I cannot wait to have my second Christmas being able to have all the time off that I want and spend every day with friends & family!”

Having ditched the ‘traditional’ lines of work, Nova is able to spend time with her family for the first time in 10 years.

She gushed: “Christmas Day will be me waking up at 6am (I am still a complete child at heart) open presents, the rest of the family will come round for 1 o’clock and then we are all going out for Christmas dinner before getting back home to put on the fire.

"Get the Christmas songs on full volume and spend the night dancing around the kitchen getting drunk before everyone starts falling asleep by 9 o’clock as always!

“My birthday is on the 22nd of December so December is always so much fun and completely chaotic.

“Birthday celebrations followed by Christmas antics and then a few days recovery period before bringing in the New Year!”

Looking forward to a bit of time off, Nova is focused on boosting her career further in 2022.

“A lot has happened in 2021 so I’m excited to see what 2022 has in store. I plan on doing more lingerie modelling in the new year and I am going to Marbella in March and Monaco in May (for work).”

Previously, Nova spoke to the Daily Star on how she has managed to triple her salary by becoming an OnlyFans model and cam girl.

And she claims that all she has to do is lounge around in her underwear and talk about sex.

She said: “If you’ve got the gift of the gab and the flirtatious eyes like I do, this job is a doddle.”

“People don’t seem to believe that being a cam girl is absolutely not all about being sexual and getting naked. 80% of my time is just talking and I have regulars who come on to have a quick chat before work.”

You can find Nova Jewels on Instagram here.

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