Men looking VERY tortured as their wives drag them on shopping sprees

Bet they can’t wait to go Christmas shopping! Hilarious snaps capture VERY unenthusiastic men who’ve accompanied their other halves on spending sprees

  • Bored Panda gallery showcases the men who had enough on shopping trips
  • Some fell asleep on display furniture as their other halves’ browsed the store
  • Others congregated together, finding solace in their shared pain of waiting   

This hilarious social media gallery showcases the men who simply had enough while accompanying their partners on lengthy shopping sprees. 

The pictures, compiled on photo sharing site Bored Panda, show groups of hapless husbands and boyfriends looking desolate as they kill time while their other halves try on clothes.

Some made the most of display chairs and beds in furniture stores, settling in for a quick power nap while their partners browsed.

Others resorted to creating make-shift beds, with one man spotted sleeping precariously on the ledge of a water feature.

Whether laden with their wives’ shopping bags, or slumped in the corner of a department store, we take a look at the men who deserve to be in the running for the most patient husband of the year award…

A hilarious gallery has captured the struggle of exasperated men patiently accompanying their wives on lengthy shopping sprees, including this poor fellow who fell asleep clutching his wife’s handbag and shopping bag

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Elsewhere whole groups of hapless husbands were seen looking desolate as they gathered on the stairs of a department store, waiting hopefully for their women to emerge

One man was seen fast asleep on a nearby chair as his significant other browsed furniture

Trapped in lingerie store Victoria’s secret, a whole hoard of frustrated men were seen scrolling on their phones, head in their hands, as they waited next to the semi-clad mannequins

Some hapless husbands have even resorted to creating make-shift beds, with one man spotted sleeping precariously on the ledge of a water feature at a shopping centre

Meanwhile this man made himself right at home, even taking off his shoes and settling down in a showroom bed as his wife looked around the store

One desperate man was spotted clutching onto a sofa located near a supermarket chain in Australia, as his wife was left to complete the grocery shopping on her own

Elsewhere one man held onto the sofa for comfort as his wife tried on the glamorous dresses on display in the shop

One man clutched onto a pillow emblazoned with the words ‘you are hot stuff’, as he lay, open-mouthed, on a show room sofa waiting hopefully for his wife

Elsewhere an exasperated man looked as though he had lost all hope in his wife returning from her shopping errands, as he sat alone and desolate in a clothes shop

And this angry man looked to be at the end of his tether, as he sat on the floor surrounded by shopping trolleys, with his sleeping son by his side 

Among the fed up husbands waiting for their wives, one man even resorted to precariously perching atop a chair displayed on a shelf as he made himself at home while his wife shopped

While one arm sat with his arms crossed, laden with shopping, another man appeared to have collapsed on the floor nearby, with only a pile of potential wares as his support

Fed up at the prospect of admiring the sewing goods in a haberdashery, a bored husband perused the children’s entertainment station, listlessly scribbling on the touch screen

These men took inspiration from each other, falling asleep in a shopping centre as they waited for their wives to return

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