Mother loses 203 pounds and spends $20,000 on achieving 'revenge body'

Now THAT’S a revenge body! Woman whose boyfriend kept her a secret from his loves ones and then posted photos with another woman on social media unveils her stunning makeover after losing 200lbs

  • Samantha Rawley, 30, from Orange County, documented extreme weight loss
  • Single mother-of-one lost 203 pounds and spent $20,000 on improving body
  • She explained was motivated because boyfriend would hide her from his family  
  • Decided to make a change after he cheated on her with another woman 

A single mother has lost over 203lbs and spent $20,000 on plastic surgery after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Samantha Rawley, 30, from Orange County, California, has always been abused for her weight – having been bullied in school as a child.

But her confidence hit a new low when, in 2018, her boyfriend cheated on her and shared photos of another girl on social media, while the pair were still together.

To make matters worse, her now ex kept Samantha a secret from his family and friends. It gave her the motivation to drop the weight and get the ultimate revenge body.

The mother-of-one had a gastric sleeve put in and lost 204 pounds, going from 362.6lbs to 159.6lbs and then spent $20,000 on reconstructive surgery to tone her arms, tummy and legs. 

Samantha Rawley, 30, from Orange County, California, lost 203 pounds and spent $20,000 on reconstructive surgery to achieve her ‘revenge body’ after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. She went from 362.6lbs to 159.6lbs

‘I dated him on and off for about a year and a half as a secret, meaning absolutely no one knew we were even dating,’ Samantha said.

‘He actually started dating someone else and didn’t keep her a secret, which caused us to “break up”.

‘It was hard because I felt like I was always trying to make him happy and never living for myself.

‘I was so insecure because of being kept a secret that emotionally I was just exhausted.

Samantha, pictured now, was left mortified when her on-and-off boyfriend who would hide her from her family cheated on her with a girl he was not hiding away

The mother-of-one had a gastric sleeve installed, which, alongside a strict diet, helped her to shed the weight (pictured now)

‘Once I finally found out he was dating someone else and sharing her all over social media, that’s when I realized I could finally do this for myself.

‘I was always a pretty confident big girl, but deep down I wasn’t living to my highest potential. I felt like I reached my “ceiling” and I didn’t have anywhere else to go.’

Samantha’s diet was a roller-coaster and her eating habits were unpredictable.

Some days, she wouldn’t eat anything all day and instead binge on fast-food at night, causing her weight to spiral out of control, peaking at 362.6 lbs.

The super slimmer was not ashamed of her frame before her weight loss (pictured), but said the fact her boyfriend would hide her from his family left her ‘insecure’ 

Samantha, pictured here before her weight loss, would eat two cheeseburgers in one sitting as well as a sharing box of nuggets by herself  

Leaving the past’s behind. Left: Samantha’s frame before her weight loss. Right: Samantha now 

She said: ‘My diet was so unstable.

‘Some days I wouldn’t eat anything the whole day and then go to a fast-food place and binge.

‘My typical McDonalds order was a 10-piece chicken nugget meal and two cheeseburgers.’

Now better known as @therealslimsammii on Instagram, Samantha shares her body transformation with 27,200 followers.

Samantha admitted her past diet was ‘unstable’ and could see her fast all day before going on a fast-food binge (pictured before) 

Pictured now: Samantha now feels more confident about her body. She said she did not realize how unsatisfied she was before making the change 

Pictured left: Samantha before the weight loss. Pictured right: Samantha now, with a healthier frame 

Samantha’s diet during her weight loss journey 

 Breakfast: normally one egg white, half a piece of toast and some fruit.

Lunch: A chicken wrap made with a low carb tortilla, buffalo sauce and spinach.

Dinner: either chicken or salmon with sautéed vegetables.

She underwent a gastric sleeve operation in September 2018 and has changed her diet completely by eating wholesome and nutritious food throughout the day.

Samantha would also do walks around her neighborhood for exercise but this year started going to the gym and incorporated weight training into her fitness regime.

The mother has shed 203 pounds in total, dropping her weight to 159.6 lbs.

She has also spent $20,000 on a tummy tuck, arm, thigh and breast lift to remove the excess skin from her extreme weight loss.

She said: ‘So, when I made a change, I really realized how unhappy I truly was and just living a life of dissatisfaction.

An epicurean at heart, Samantha enjoyed savory foods and alcoholic drinks before her weight loss, pictured 

Samantha showing off one of her surgery scars on her arms. She has a similar one on the other arm 

‘My mindset has shifted 100 percent and I’m much happier and positive now, because at this point, I feel like I have broken through my ceiling and it’s only up from here!

‘I was bullied in high school, and of course the random remarks from people, but I think my biggest obstacle was myself and the mindset behind the scenes.

‘I really didn’t think I would be able to lose all of the weight I wanted to. I’ve had a tummy tuck, arm and thigh lift and a breast lift!

Pictured before. While she did not realize she was unhappy before, the super slimmer said she now felt happier and more positive about the future than she ever did 

Samantha has been embracing her new body, showing it off in work out clothes, and documenting her recovery from surgery on Instagram

Same sweater, same woman, 203 pounds off! Samantha embraced life before (left) , but now (right) feel ‘the happiest she’s ever been’

‘The recovery for the tummy tuck was pretty easy.

‘I had lots of swelling but I’d give it a four out of ten on the pain scale. The arm lift was a breeze, three out of ten and I would do it again if I had to!

‘The breast lift was a solid five out of ten and the thigh lift was an eight out of ten, it was my most painful surgery.

‘The recovery has been very slow with the thigh lift as it’s my largest incision yet.’

Samantha is now able to be more active with her 11-year-old daughter, Alexis, taking trips to Disneyland, and can now go on rides with her that she wasn’t able to in the past because of her weight.

She said: ‘My daughter and I have always been very close but I feel like her watching my transition and seeing me go through everything has made us closer.

The mother-of-one showing off her new body. Samantha explained she delighted in doing things with her daughter thanks to a smaller frame 

Samantha recovering from her plastic surgery had home, with bandages on her legs and breasts 

Samantha said the pain in her legs after the operation felt like her tights were ‘ripping’ when she walked (pictured during her recovery)

Left: Samantha’s full frame before her weight loss journey. Right: A more confident Samantha now 

After years of being bullied about her weight, Samantha is now more confident and active and said her new energy has improved her relationship with her 11-yea-old daughter 

The mother-of-one is active on social media and said she hoped to make a difference in the weight loss community (left: before, right: after)

‘She is so very helpful and sweet and knows exactly how my diet works and supports me!

‘I’m actually able to help coach her softball team, go to Disneyland on certain rides with her and just be more active!

‘I truly am the happiest I’ve ever been.

‘I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for these kinds of experiences and what this journey has provided and taught me.

‘What’s next is I would love to make a difference in the weight loss community regarding mental health. So, that’s my main focus right now and educating the community!’

From one bikini to another! Samantha was never afraid of her body before (left) and loves to show it off even more now (right) 

Samantha with hr daughter Alexis before her weight loss, left and after, right. The mother-of-one said she was happy to be able to accompany her daughter on Disneyland rides, something she could not manage before 

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