Mum accidentally applies fake tan to toddler's toes after sock mishap

Getting an even coverage when using fake tan can be a pain – but a simple sock can help.

The hack has been around for years and is a handy way of applying it if you don’t want to fork out for a special mitt.

But one mum realised she needs to make sure socks are all clear of the stuff – after accidentally putting a used one on her toddler’s foot.

Xanthe Sparkes posted on TikTok showing a video of the results.

The clip shows her toddler’s foot in the bath and initially as the child puts it under water, there’s no difference but when it’s lifted out, you can see the toes are a dark brown shade.

The mum added the caption: ‘When you put a sock on your toddler not realising there was fake tan on it. Wait for it.’

#mumfails #toddler #faketanfails #taken #oioisavaloy2020 #lgbqt🏳️‍🌈

She added the hashtags #mumfails and #faketanfails.

Luckily her child doesn’t seem to mind their tanned toes and splashes happily in the bath.

Others commented to say they loved the video.

One wrote: ‘ooo no hope he dont have bare foot PE tomorrow,’

Another added: ‘Dead’ and some just posted lots of laughing face emojis.

Someone else admitted that they’d accidentally done the same thing to their partner.

But she’s not the only mum to have a little fake tan mix up.

Louise Birchley revealed at the weekend that her five-year-old daughter Ellie had ended up ‘looking like Bart Simpson’ when she asked to borrow some moisturiser and accidentally lifted some fake tan.

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