Mum accused of grooming after buying toddler novelty Hooters T-shirt

A mum has been slammed on Reddit after buying her toddler a T-shirt with an "inappropriate" message.

People accused the parent of “basically grooming” her young child due to the top's slogan.

Over on a subreddit of the website dubbed r/Trashy, someone posted a snap of the children’s t-shirt which said “future Hooters girl” on the front.

Hooters is an American restaurant which makes great chicken wings, but is also known for making its servers wear tight and skimpy uniforms to entice customers.

It is particularly famous for showing off the waitresses breasts while they serve meals and is even nicknamed a “breastaurant”.

So, you can see why people were grossed out by the OP making her toddler wear a Hooters T-shirt.

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On the back of the top the words “make ‘em drool early” also freaked people out.

Especially, when some folks claimed the top was custom made for the mum.

Redditors called the baby top “trashy” and “disgusting” in the comments.

One person said: “The front is trashy. The back is basically just grooming.”

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While another wrote: “To the mum who thought it was cute for their daughter to wear this…

“This opens up the door for a lot of potential sexual abuse and potential body shaming.

“It is so sad to think that even from a young age, this girl is going to view herself as an object, something that has worth only as long as people around her give it to her.

“This breaks my heart.”

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