Mum disgusts with pregnancy announcement after hiding test in partner’s lolly

When making pregnancy announcements, people typically wrap the test in a box or just plainly tell their partner.

However, this one woman took a more creative approach, which has left people feeling sick.

To surprise her partner with the good news, the woman decided to freeze the used pregnancy test inside an ice lolly as a replacement for the lolly stick.

As the photos detail, the mother-to-be had failed to put the cap back on the tip of the pregnancy test.

This means that the pee-drenched tip could be in direct contact with the ice lolly she gave her partner to eat!

The pictures show the questionable treat being devoured by the dad-to-be who was none the wiser about the urine soaked stick he was feasting on.

Grossly, the partner managed to munch through the whole lolly without realising until the end.

Pictures of her partner's reaction have been shared on Reddit which has left many people feeling sick about the reveal.

One person said: “So she gave him like a frozen Peepeesical?”

Another user added: “One woman’s p*** is another man's pop.”

A third user commented: “I hope she at least rinsed the pee off!”

Another person noted: “Wow that’s just nasty.”

Someone else stated: "Please God let the flavour be berry and not something nightmarish!"

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