Mum from ET movie says ‘aliens are REAL and they walk among us’

THE mum from ET reckons aliens are REAL and they walk among us.

Dee Wallace, who starred in the Steven Spielberg classic, told Sun Online she has no doubt we are not alone.

Dee Wallace reckons we are not alone in the universeThe veteran star, 70, feels that “higher intellectual” beings roam the universe.

The actress, who has enjoyed five decades in show business, has no doubt aliens exist because she is so often approached by sci-fi fans and others often sharing their stories of their so-called extra-terrestrial meetings and abductions.

Dee insists she does not “dispel any of it” when it comes to human “interconnections” with higher powers.

She told Sun Online: “I know that the movie ET got it right.

“That of course there are extraterrestrials, of course they are probably amoung us, and what I know is they cannot and will not intercede to persuade us, to guide us, to harm us, to control us in anyway.

“They’re here to encourage us to look at the higher vibrations of life, the higher choices of life, and really to talk about love, because I know that is what literally drives the world, or the lack of it.

“So I’ve had all kinds of stories, even ‘They beamed me up, Scotty.’ I don’t discount any of that at all.

“I think it is silly of us to think that there are not higher intellectual beings out there and amoung us at the same time.”

Dee feels that fate – either prompted by the supernatural or other worldly forces – ended up getting her the role in the cult classic movie ET.

She said: “I think nothing happens by mistake. I think there is no mistake that I was brought together [with Spielberg] to play the mother in this film.

“I know love, and I know love from my mother. And this whole film was about a mother’s love and an alien’s love for the same children – which is kind of a miraculous idea… I just think ET had to be made.

“It wasn’t a movie that got made. It was a message that was given to us about wake up and open your hearts and maybe then you have a chance to get back to the home of you.”

Wallace revealed that when Stephen Spielberg offered her the role of ET she instantly knew it would be a hit.

And rather than just be a great vehicle for her career, it would also enlighten the world on aliens and love for the unknown.

“It’s such a great film beyond how much money it made and how long it’s lasted.

“For me the greatness of that film is the lives its changed and the lives that its affected, and I get stories about that everywhere I go.

“I remember when I went in to read the script behind locked doors and I called my agent and I said, ‘You know, I don’t think this is going to do much for me, but I think it’s going to do a lot for the world and I want to be a part of this.’

“And I was right – it continues. It bypasses something in us that reminds us of the truthfullness of an open heart and love. ”

ET was released in 1982 becoming a global hit, earning over $350m (£287m) at the box office.
The movie has made almost $800m (£650m) from cinemas, but has taken in several hundred million more from DVD sales, TV rights and digital issues.

Dee, who is one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood, spoke of her pride of her daughter following in her footsteps.

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Her daughter Gabrielle Stone has recently penned a book about her dramas dealing with men in Hollywood called “Eat, Pray #FML”, describing how she dealt with life after a nightmarish divorce.
“I don’t know f I can say how proud I am,” Dee said. “The first time I read it I was incredibly in shock that she was so incredibly honest.

“When she came out with book, I thought everybody is going to judge me, because she is mine.

“Then I read it the second time and I experienced the healing that everyone else experiences in this very funny, raw, emotional roller coaster of finding herself again and tacking others how they can find themselves.”

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