Mum lets close daughter borrow her lingerie to reignite sex life with husband

Sex could be an intimate detail to share with your parent but not for super close mother and daughter Dawn and Cher.

The duo are not shy about talking about their sex lives to an extent that Dawn, 60, decided to lend her lingerie to her daughter to reignite the spark with husband Jared.

In the new series of sMothered on TLC, Cher, 30, told her mum that her sex life with her partner had gone stale since she gave birth to their daughter Belle 18 months ago.

When Dawn visited the couple, she brought up the topic during breakfast and said: "I went shopping and I got you some really cute lingerie to put on. Really cute stuff."

Jared frowned and asked: "Are these like hand-me-downs?"

Dawn turned to her son-law and said: "I did buy her some cute ones but if she didn't like them, I was thinking she can use some of mine.

"Those are really adorable and hot."

Cher looked so embarrassed and turned to tend to her daughter Belle when her mum brought up the issues in front of Jared.

"I don't want to know about your lingerie," Cher added with her other half shaking his head and saying: "Some things are not meant to be shared with other people int he family or even if they are, I don't want to know about it."

Later Dawn took Cher upstairs to the bedroom and showed her what she bought from the stores.

"I feel like a lingerie store has come to my house," Cher said as she saw the lacy, silk night wear covered all over her bed.

Dawn almost bought one for each lingerie style – a babydoll dress, a bejewelled bodysuit, a lace see-through two-piece set and more.

But she also brought along her own garments to give her daughter a few more choices.

"Are these the ones you wore with daddy?" Cher reacted when her mum showed her a white organza ruffles robe. "Oh my God, that's like a 1970s robe.

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"Why are you wearing that?"

Dawn said: "You could put something underneath that and I think the guy will drool."

She then took out a black and pink see-through babydoll top and a matching underwear.

Cher seemed to like the outfit and asked: "That’s cute, have you worn the panties though?"

And Dawn’s response was, let’s say, a little bit more than Cher bargained for. "Yeah, but for a second, do you think they stay on that long?" she asked. "I do wash them."

The brand-new series of sMothered is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+, with new episodes dropping weekly.

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