Mum says her baby sleeps on a mattress on the floor for ‘independence’

A new mum has revealed why she has ditched a crib and instead let her baby sleep on a floor mattress in their bedroom.

Mar Trujillo Gallardo adapted the Montessori lifestyle for her eight-month-old girl and transformed the bedroom into a learning space.

The Montessori method of education focuses on independence and views children as naturally eager for knowledge.

In a video seen more than 4million times, the 29-yer-old mum shows how she implements the principles in the room including a floor bed and a play area.

Mar explains that this can teach her daughter independence and it's cheaper just to get a mattress than buying a crib with security locks.

She adds: "It increases mobility and she plays independently for a while before alerting us that she is awake."

To ensure her daughter is playing in a safe space, Mar also places soft mats on the floor as protection in case the baby falls and anchors the bookshelves to the wall.

While many mums expressed their concerns over the furniture in the room, SHE added: "Mirror is also fake and nailed into wall, cubbies are anchored."

One viewer wrote: "I understand this, but I would be much too worried about an accident happening when I'm asleep and that's why I won't do this."

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Mar replied: "Makes total sense! I was sleepless for a few nights when she started. But it's worked out so far!"

Another said: "This is super but everyone should realise Montessori was meant for specially capable students. It works for all."

The Montessori education system was set up by Maria Montessori and it includes using mirrors during floor time to help tiny babies see themselves and discover more about the world around them.

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