Mum shares trick for making magic dust-repelling spray

Dusting isn’t a fun chore – it usually comes with a side of sneezing.

It can be infuriating if you feel like soon after getting the job done, you notice a thin veil of dust quickly reforming.

If that’s something you can relate to, it’s worth trying this DIY dust-repellant hack a mum shared on social media.

It involves making a special spray that can be used all over the home.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, Australia, posted the video to her Instagram account and it’s since been viewed over 700,000 times – showing people are keen to find new ways to prevent dust build up.

Carolina often shares home and cleaning hacks, and this one involves combining oil, washing up liquid, vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil.

Begin by pouring half a tablespoon of olive oil into a bowl or jug – this will help stop dust from collecting on surfaces.

Then add a tablespoon of vinegar and half a cup of water. The vinegar will help kill dust mites.

Next add a couple of drops of washing-up liquid and ten drops of lemon essential oil.

However, be careful with the essential oil as some people in the comments on the video pointed out this can be harmful to dogs.

Once you’ve made the concoction, pour it into a spray bottle and shake it up.

Then use it once a week, spraying onto a microfibre cloth and wiping across dusty surfaces.

According to Carolina, this won’t damage paintwork and it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

One fan commented: ‘OMG! I need am trying this out right now, I’ve got dust everywhere.’

Another said: ‘What, I am going to have to try this. Dust is my archenemy, it literally drives me crazy!’

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