Mum worries she’ll ‘be in trouble’ with teachers over kid’s healthy packed lunch

Many parents feel they can’t win when packing their kids’ lunchboxes – while some teachers ban sweet treats, others have been told not to include egg in the meals.

And now, a mum has shared another complaint that is often sent home from her child’s school.

On Facebook, she shared a picture of the lunch she’d sent her son in with.

It consists of a sandwich made from wholegrain bread, yoghurt, a protein bar, fresh fruit, cheese and popcorn.

But even though she took the time to pack healthy items, she admitted the school would take issue with how much packaging was included.

Alongside the picture, the mum wrote: “No doubt will get in trouble for packaging. Our school has zero bins for students.”

Some found the rule ridiculous – especially as kids can just bring rubbish home with them.

One commenter wrote: “'Just let them know the wrappers have to go back in the lunchbox.

“Our school has all bins in classrooms, recycle (for soft plastic), and green waste. Anything that doesn't fit in those categories comes home.”

And another agreed: “They'll just bring it home. They won't get in trouble.

“My kids' school has bins for lunch rubbish and my kid still brings home their snack rubbish.”

Other parents advised the mum on how she could reduce the amount of packaging in the lunchbox.

A commenter recommended: “The yoghurt pouch would be the only rubbish and maybe you could just get a container for that.”

Another suggested: “Take the stuff out of the packets and pop it in sections.”

And a third wrote: “I find it easier to buy most stuff in bulk rather than individually wrapped so I can minimise the rubbish.

“The stuff that is wrapped I open and put in the lunchbox because we have no bins at school.”

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