My fella never offers to drive and never offers any money for parking or petrol

DEAR DEIDRE: EVERY time we go out, my boyfriend assumes I will drive. It’s really starting to annoy me.

He’s 29 and I am 27. We have been together for eight months. But since things have opened up and we’ve been socialising with friends again, I can see how selfish he is.

He arranges nights out, then manoeuvres things so I have to pick him up.

He never offers to drive, never offers any money for parking or petrol and if I suggest we get a cab home, he makes up excuses.

So I end up driving out to his village to drive him back into town and then don’t drink while he gets merry.

He rarely buys the drinks and always jokes, “Is it your treat, babe?” whenever we eat out. He’s got some cheek, as he gets paid more than I do.

I asked him to drive last weekend and his response was: “But you never drink much on a night out. It seems such a waste!”

How do I get him to see he is being unfair?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Tell him! He is treating you like a doormat and will continue to do so until you stand up to him.

Say you will share the driving or get a cab.

Explain you are feeling resentful of picking up the tab all the time and will find someone who knows how to treat you well unless he stops being so selfish.

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The important bit is that you need to mean it.

I am sending you my support pack Standing Up For Yourself to help you be more assertive with him.

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