Natalie Portman finally fulfills her Madonna-fueled, teenage pop-star dreams in ‘Vox Lux’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – This awards season finds famous faces trading places.

As Lady Gaga morphs into a movie star under the lights of “A Star Is Born,” this week  a glitter-doused Natalie Portman will be anointed a legit pop star in “Vox Lux” (in theaters Friday in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, expands to additional cities Dec. 14, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Washington, D.C.).

Embodying a pop queen was “kind of a childhood dream, with a hairbrush in front of the mirror,” says the 37-year-old Oscar winner, sitting inside an empty theater just off Hollywood Boulevard.

But “Vox Lux” is far from bubblegum fare. The drama tackles the dark underbelly of pop superstardom while simultaneously exploring the prevalence of gun violence across the U.S.

“I think all of us as citizens are at the sort of tipping point of saying it’s enough, it’s too much,” Portman says. “And it’s not possible that our government can ignore more than 12,000 people killed this year alone by other citizens.”

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